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Gary Snyder carries a banner of Peace in last Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Practice Parade. Photo: Brennan Ruegg/Leadville Today

Leadville’s Meet the Candidates: District Attorney

Weekly coverage of the local 2016 election continues with this Leadville Today (LT) political roundup report. Every Wednesday LT will bring its readers up-to-date on the ballot issues that strike closest to home, until election results are posted on Wednesday, Nov. 9.


This week, it’s about the Fifth Judicial District Attorney. The district includes the Clear Creek, Eagle, El Jebel, Lake, and Summit Combined Courts. The DA is the chief law enforcement and legal officer in the district, representing the state government in criminal offenses.

Voters_Lake County Primary Election 2016

Lake County residents will cast their votes in the 2016 Election on Nov. 8. Photo: Leadville Today

Incumbent Bruce Brown (D), Bruce Carey (R), and Sanam Mehrnia (I) took to debate at Leadville’s Colorado Mountain College campus on Tuesday, Sept. 26. Leading questions, testimonies and rebuttals made their exchange the most contentious of the night. Among the topics discussed were restorative justice, readiness for trying homicide, the role of The Advocates of Lake County, and personal track records. 

Watch the entirety of their debate in this Leadville Today video, and make your judgement: What’s the verdict?


Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.  Stay informed, stay involved, and stay tuned to Leadville Today as coverage continues up to the climax of the political year.Spac_50first-report_link-copy

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