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Let The Festivities Begin: Tis The Season in Leadville!

It’s December, the snow has arrived (and keeps on coming) and the sights and sounds of the holiday season are all around. It’s time to kick-off the holiday season in Leadville Today!

Sound the trumpets, let the elks bugle the Yuletide season has arrived in Leadville Today

Sound the trumpets, let the elks bugle the Yuletide season arrives in Leadville Today!

The merriment will kick off this evening with a flurry of fun and activity for all. Of course, what good little boy or girl hasn’t waited all year to whisper in Santa’s ear their secret wishes? And tonight’s the night! The Leadville Chamber’s Parade of Lights will commence at 6 p.m. tonight on historic Harrison Avenue.

Come and experience the twinkling of lights, as parade entries make their way down the avenue to the Lake County Courthouse. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be arriving in good style and taking pictures while listening to Christmases wishes. Get their early for your spot in line as the forecast says COLD! But not to fear, as hot cocoa and cookies will be available to families staving off the frigid temperatures.

The one and only Cosmos was a big hit in last year's Parade of Lights.

The one and only Cosmos in 2014’s Parade of Lights.

After the Parade of Lights has dimmed and the kids are safely off to slumber with a sitter, head on down to the corner of 4th & Harrison Avenue for a night of dancing and musical performances at The Scarlet Bar, because Lead Vegas will be talking about this line-up all through the holiday season!

It’s a four-band line up starting at 8 p.m. with the legendary 36″ Wheels, self-described as the new yellin, screaming, hootin, hollering, string-slapping, pickin, and breakin project of Akorn, Reese Black, Brokestring, and Olas. Expect the “warm-up, first-hour” set to get you up on your feet.

Next up is Tejon Street Corner Thieves. A smashing success on the Colorado Springs music scene, this group heads up, up, up to the mountains  bringing some “fast-paced trashgrass and Outlaw Blues from the hills of Colorado.” This set even comes with a warning: You’d be better off staying home.

scarlet_dec2Squeezed into between is Act Three: Foul Play. Expect some hard core rifs that will have the old bricks on the corner of 4th & Harrison Avenue holding on for dear life!

By 11 p.m. the final act steps up center stage: Brokestring and the Empty Promises. Bringing it all together in a midnight moment that’s sure not to be forgotten will be a combination of folk & country, punk & blues, ska & soul, electro & jazz; it’s anything and everything! The crowd will really get going with such classics as “I Got Shitcanned Today” and “Why The Hell Not?” So if there’s still any pumpkin pie left to dance off, this last set should do it! The Scar Bar should be rocking tonight!

However, for those more inclined to sing their own tune, there will be an opportunity to do that down at Leadville’s Historic Pastime Bar & Cafe, 120 W. 2nd Street. karaoke

Tonight is Karoke Friday, so pick out your go-to song and warm up those pipes! 

Tis’ the Season in Leadville! And there’s lots more to come so stay tuned to Leadville Today for all of your Christmas and Holiday happenings! And by all means, drop a note if you or your business has a Yuletide event on the calendar.Spac_50

Classic 2012 Parade of Lights Video

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