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Week Two – Crosses To Bear: The Season Of Lent

Mind. Body. Spirit. These three words are often touted as the three-legged stool to health and happiness.  So as dawn breaks over Leadville Today here is Week Two of the Lenten Series, dedicated specifically to that third leg: Spirit.

Members of Leadville’s Holy Family Parish gave a live performance of the Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis), including the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ at St. Joseph’s Church on Holy Friday, Apr. 18, 2014. Complete list of 2017 Lenten Services English Spanish. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell

While the first two topics of the triad seem to get their share of news coverage, with the construction of new educational facilities and development of recreational trails and opportunities, the spirit-filled news is often lacking. Therefore, at a time when the third leg of the stool seems to be more necessary and important than ever, in order to live a balanced life in today’s world, LT encourages some pause for reflection.

Every Wednesday through the Lenten Season, leading up to Easter Sunday, April 16, Leadville Today will post church news, about services, events and programs happening during this holiest time of year for Christians. Week Two of the series brings reminders of upcoming programs and services as well as information about a retreat in nearby Colorado Springs that might be just the one-day get away needed to refresh your spirit. 

This Saturday, March 11, the Academy Award-winning movie Hacksaw Ridge will be shown locally thanks to the Leadville Seventh-Day Adventists. So round up your friends for a Saturday night movie starting at 6:30 p.m. Spac_50

Spac_50According to event organizer Jan Losh, this will be a FREE showing of the inspirational true story of Private First Class Desmond T. Doss, one of the greatest heroes in American history. For those unfamiliar with this film making great waves on the big screen, Doss served as an Army combat medic and referred to himself as a “conscientious cooperator.” He never carried or fired a weapon, yet when all others retreated down the rock face of Hacksaw Ridge in Okinawa, Doss, returned again and again to save the lives of 75 fallen soldiers, praying “Please, Lord…help me get one more.”

Having just won the Oscar for film editing, this gripping film, is rated “R” for realistically graphic battle scenes (not suitable for children). The evening of the film’s showing, refreshments will be provided along with a complimentary copy of The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge, or The Faith of Desmond Doss for each attendee. Showtime: Saturday, March 11, 6:30 p.m. Leadville Seventh-Day Adventist Fellowship Hall is located at 612 E. 9th Street. 719-486-3565.

For most, the season of Lent is about spiritual growth, focusing not on one’s self, but one’s relationship with God. Often times Christians choose to take on something during Lent, like reading more of the Bible or completing daily devotions. A Spiritual Retreat is another way in which Christians can celebrate the season. One Simple Voice, based in Colorado Springs, is offering its next retreat on Saturday, April 8 entitled “Embracing Change: Transcending Negatvity and Resistance.” 

Do you realize that every moment we are being fed both positive and negative images? On which images do you choose to focus in times of change? Do you fear change or do you see God’s work in change? The world can be a difficult place to navigate when we are caught up in negativity and resistance from others, ultimately interfering in our lives and in those of loved ones. Join us April 8 on the beauty-filled grounds of Penrose House in Colorado Springs to reflect upon negativity, how your heart sees change, and where you place your focus.


There are a number of different services and programs being offered at Holy Family Catholic Parish in Leadville. For a complete list: ENGLISH. SPANISH.

That’s all, for this second segment of the Leadville Today Lenten Series post. Stay tuned for future news including upcoming local youth programs, the Catholic Community “Building Fund” campaign to help save Leadville’s historic churches, and of course, all Lenten and Holy Week services leading up to Easter Sunday, April 16.

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