Latest News – March 17

A Limerick for Leadville’s Laddies and Lasses

by Brennan Ruegg, Leadville Today Contributor

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Just add snow! Leadville celebrates St. Patrick’s Day twice a year: March 17, and then again in September when the weather is a bit milder. Join the fun at 4:30 p.m.

A young man once walked to Leadville

       And said he’d start using his head well,

Walked down to the Scarlet,

       And danced with a harlot,

And now he walks on a treadmill.


Another one came by an airplane,

      With hair as thick as a mare’s mane,

But became a right chiefer

      Of the fine emerald reefer,

And now his hair clogs the bath drain.


One woman came seeking adventure,

       And daring a man to contend her,

Picked the wrong fight

       With a miner one night,

And left Leadville with a shiny new denture.


Give a girl the glad eye at the Silver Dollar Saloon after today’s parade! Photo: Leadville Today/Brennan Ruegg

They come either rich, or rather poor,

       To close one or open another door,

Say they’re just passing through,

       For a month or two,

And in ten years are experts on mining lore. 


Because Leadville’s a singular place,

        Of many a familiar face.

It makes quite a change,

        From life on the Front Range,

Because here we’re giraffes in the rat race!


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