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Political Roundup: From Golden Dome to Capitol Hill

If you haven’t heard by now, today officially marks the first 100 days in office for President Donald Trump. Believe it or not, Leadville did have an historic connection to one of President’s decisions. You can read that story HERE.

centennial stateBeyond that, it’s time to check in with state and federal politicans who represent Leadville and Lake County. Afterall, Colorado is nicknamed the Centennial State, so the politicans who live here should know a little something about the importance of the number 100.

It’s encouraging to see more and more representatives post regular reports, updates and videos on their websites and social media platforms. Leadville Today readers pay attention to politics and how decisions made under Colorado’s Golden Dome and on Washington’s Capitol Hill affects their lives and businesses.

Now is the time to stay more tuned in, not tuned out! So stay tuned to Leadville Today for your regular political roundup report.

Rep. Millie Hamner Fights for Balanced Budget Support

“With today’s action we have advanced a balanced budget,” said Rep. Hamner, vice chairwoman of the Joint Budget Committee and sponsor of both bills, along with the other five Joint Budget Committee (JBC) members. “But just because it’s balanced doesn’t mean we’re satisfied.”


The Colorado House of Representative took final action on Tuesday, Apr. 25 on two bills to complete the balancing of the 2016-17 state budget.

SB17-256 effectively eliminates $264 million from funding for the state’s hospitals. SB17-262 cuts general fund spending on transportation in half, to $79 million. Together, the two bills true up SB17-254, the “long bill.”

According to Sen. Kerry Donovan, the cost to Leadville’s St. Vincent Hospital would mean a $450,000 cut. 

SB17-256 squeaked by the House last week – 33-31 – with Rep. Bob Rankin, R-Carbondale, the lone Republican vote despite repeated calls from Republicans to move the bills forward. Rep. Rankin was also the long House Republican to vote for the long bill when it was before the House. The vote on SB17-262 was 40-24.

Rep. Hamner called on the Senate to pass SB17-267, which would transform the hospital provider fee into a state enterprise, eliminating the hospital cuts, and HB17-1242, which, if the voters approve, would allow the state to invest in a long-term solution for our transportation needs.

“The Senate holds in its hands the keys to ensuring that our hospitals don’t bear the brunt of our budget problems,” Rep. Millie Hamner said. “Now is the time to get serious and act. We’ve given them multiple weeks to move this legislation. Without action by the Senate majority, our rural hospitals and our transportation system will be in a difficult spot. We can do better.” 

Sen. Donovan Pushes for Camp Hale Protections 

State Senator Kerry Donovan, who represents Leadville and Lake County, presented legislation this past week which urges congress to support the designation of Camp Hale as the nation’s first National Historic Landscape in order to preserve its rich military history and national environment for future generations. 


Donovan_Great Heights studeents2

Senator Kerry Donovan (center in white) points up to the stained glass rotunda at the Colorado State Capital during a tour she gave to Greater Heights students from Leadville last week. Photo: HOPE online learning Twitter


“Camp Hale was founded to prepare the U.S. Army for what was anticipated to be the hardest fighting of World War II. The 10th mountain division is a legendary entity and a unique part of our military history.”

“The historic importance of Camp Hale is complimented by its new role as US veterans from across the country have found the natural surroundings of Camp Hale as a healing resource to transition back to civilian life. Camp Hale uniquely intertwines ecological and military history.” Link to legislation here.

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