Latest News – May 14

Fitzsimmons is New Principal at West Park

The Lake County School District announced the appointment of Kathleen Fitzsimmons as the next principal of West Park Elementary School; she will be leading the school starting in the 2017-18 school year.

Kathleen Fitzsimmons is the new principal at West Park Elementary.

The West Park principal position had just been filled in January with a candidate from Denver Public Schools. However the candidate subsequently concluded that Leadville and West Park were not a good fit for her. Superintendent Wendy Wyman and a team of West Park staff members decided to re-open the position. Fitzsimmons, who currently serves as an assistant principal at Lake County High School (LCHS), decided to apply.

“West Park is the foundation of a successful K-12 experience, and I am thrilled to be joining the school’s team and the important work the staff and students are doing every day,” she said. “Over the past 20 years of working in the district, I have developed a deep dedication to Leadville’s students and families, and I am excited to serve them in this new role.”

Kathleen has served in multiple roles in the district over two decades, including social studies teacher, instructional coach, Human Resources & Community Engagement Manager, and assistant principal. Fitzsimmons will finish the school year at LCHS and will begin her new position in August 2017. Fitzsimmons is currently participating in a program to gain her principal’s license.


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