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Church News: It’s the “G” in TGIF!

There will be a hub of activity over at the historic Annunciation Church this weekend, as remodel and historic preservation efforts continue, with a big assist from the Knights of Columbus visiting from St, Mark’s Parish in Highlands Ranch, near Denver.

The historic Annunciation Church in Leadville is part of Holy family Parish. Photo: Leadville Today.

Over the past year, Holy Family Parish of Leadville has seen great strides in their efforts to address and fix the aging issues at both of the churches that make up this Catholic Community of Leadville: Annunciation Church and Saint Joseph’s Church.

The Knights charitable group will join the efforts of Leadville Parishioners in the big push to complete the upgrades at the Parish Hall. This social and religious education hall is located behind the historic church that hosted both the Unsinkable Molly Brown’s wedding and alas, the funeral of Baby Doe Tabor. While renovations continue at St. Joseph’s across town, this weekend’s efforts will focus on Annunciation Church with the tall, sky-piercing steeple on the corner of E. 7th and Poplar. So please give them a break, if you’ve been using the back roads (i.e. cutting across on Poplar) a bit more than usual these days. Or better yet, grab a pair of work gloves and join their efforts. The work will continue through Sunday, July 23 where their effort being celebrate with a community BBQ after 9 a.m. Mass. Everyone is welcome to help save Leadville’s historic churches.

Free Organ Concert at Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church of Leadville invites you to an evening of organ music. Their 1889 William Schuelke tracker-action pipe organ is recognized by the Organ Historical Society as “an instrument of exceptional historic merit worthy of preservation”  and the only remaining Schuelke organ in Colorado (originally 3)  still in service.    

Church Organ

The hills will be alive with music at Wednesday’s FREE concert at First Presbyterian Church of Leadville, featuring this 1889 William Schuelke tracker-action pipe organ.

The organ arrived in Leadville in 1889,  coming over Mosquito Pass by mule train and assembled in the Old Red Brick Church downtown (formerly the Presbyterian Church).  It was originally “powered” by a cadre of young choir boys pumping the bellows.   In 1936 an electric air pump was added to the organ.  In 1969 the organ was disassembled, restored and moved to its current location with the Presbyterian Church at 299 McWethy,  and was more extensively restored again in 1975.   

Today, nearly 130 years old,  it’s rich tones continue to “sing” in worship nearly every Sunday,  September through June.  (In Summer months the congregation gathers for worship in its outdoor chapel.)  

Our guest organist for this concert  is Dr. Bruce L. Gibbons from Decatur, Illinois. Dr. Gibbons is a Colorado native (Ft. Collins),  and received a Bachelor’s in Music Education as well as a Masters in Music and Piano at Colorado State University,  then earned his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance at Louisiana State University.  He recently retired after 32 years as Adjunct Professor of Music at Millikin University in Decatur, IL.   While specializing in piano,  he has been playing pipe organs since the summer of ‘65 as an organist/accompanist in several churches in Ft. Collins, Baton Rouge and Decatur,  and currently 22 years with the First United Methodist Church in Decatur. 

The music literature  Dr.Gibbons  will be playing will feature classical organ,  chosen for the particular stops available on this organ,  some hymnody,  and a piece or two on the piano.  

This free concert will be Wednesday, July 26 at 7 p.m.  at the First Presbyterian Church of Leadville,  located at 299 McWethy,  next to the Community Park.   All are welcome! 

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