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Houston: Leadville Has Landed To Help

Catastrophic. Historic. Unprecedented.

For many living in Leadville Today, the best thing to do for friends and family in the areas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey is to make offerings of prayers, and then payments to the American Red Cross. However, there is a small group from this mountain community who finally arrived in Texas to help with the recovery efforts.


Texas residents get a hand from KW Restoration of Leadville as crews help resucue families from rising flood waters. Photo: KW Construction and Restoration Facebook Page.

On Tuesday, Aug. 29, KW Construction and Restoration (KW) of Leadville arrived in the heart of Houston, after days of maneuvering through challenging passageways, many under feet of water. Yesterday, KW posted on their Facebook Page:

“The flooding is very bad. Our convoy became a convoy of floating trucks at times last night. Power is still on in much of the city but City officials are stretched thin through the night so we had to find our own way. Last thirty miles took over 5 hours. But we made it to the south side of I-10. It’s pouring rain again this morning. Many smiles, praise and thanks from everyone we meet for coming down here.”

This kind of work is not unfamiliar to the company, and it’s not the first time KW has left the beautiful Rocky Mountains behind to head towards the disasters, towards the people who so desperately need help. They went down to help after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf region in 2005, and again after Superstorm Sandy pummeled the east coast in 2012.

“What we do on the road is generally flood mitigation,” explains Kyle Welch, President of KW. “We go in and make the building safe by cleaning and drying it out.”  Once KW crews have finished their job, the construction companies can come in and put the business back together again – safely.

KW Rescue

KW Construction and Restoration crews from Leadville assist flood vicitms to safety in Houston yesterday.

Of course, when you’re operating in extreme conditions, you never know what you may run into on-the-job. Such was the case for the KW crew as they were immediately called into rescue – rather than restoration – mode from the moment they arrived.

 KW crews reported they were asked “to help some local Texans who were trapped in rising water in their neighborhood. Leadville, BV, and Salida residents to the rescue!” No doubt, with the crisis continuing to unfold, crews will be shifting into rescue mode again before their work is done!

K.W. CONSTRUCTION & RESTORATION has been in business in Lake County since 1988. While locally, they provide both services, out-of-town jobs focus primarily on restoration, something that will be sorely needed in the Gulf Region by the time Harvey finally moves out later this week.

KW’s cargo loads can be sizeable, including generators and dehumidifiers which create dry air, accelerating the process of drying out the buildings. In addition, the KW crews bring their own protective gear that is used in this type of mitigation work, as well as food and personal supplies. Remember, the basics are scarce in hurricane tattered communities. 

KW Construction and Restoration works with many people and businesses from around the country who face devastation from damaging flood waters. However each situation is assessed carefully before Welch allows his crews to go into possibly dangerous situations, as well as staying out of the way of emergency services efforts.

“It takes a lot of money and man power to go out on the road,” explains Welch. “So you need to determine if there’s anything you can do in relief areas, are there enough people to take care of it, to help with the work?”

The crew’s initial reports from Houston indicate pretty challenging conditions just to get to the areas in need of help, however they are prepared and ready to assist: from rescues to restoration. And while the life-safety rescue efforts are always a priority, eventually businesses and homes will need KW’s services. If you – or someone you know in the region – have a need for their services, please contact them via their Facebook Page or call 719-486-0553.

Stay safe and thanks for representing Leadville’s heart in the midst of an American crisis!

KW_Group Shot

KW Construction and Restoration crews are down in the Gulf Region assisting the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Thank you and stay safe!


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