Latest News – October 3

Rifle Season Open, New Fishing App Available

The animals are on the move – maybe they know that the 2017 Colorado “Rifle” Hunting Season officially got underway last Sunday, October 1. And with all this fresh snow, those herds should be even easier to track. So share your hunting stories – and photos! –  with Leadville Today.

And while hunting the big game might be on many outdoor enthusiasts’ minds, there’s also some good news for all the anglers. Last week, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) launched theie official mobile fishing app. For anglers seeking information on new fishing locations or needing to check for updated regulations while on the water, CPW Fishing is an easy way to keep angling details close at hand.

“We’re excited to bring this free, portable resource to the anglers that enjoy Colorado’s abundant waters,” said Bob Broscheid, director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “This app was truly designed with the angler in mind. We’ve included offline modes that don’t require a connection, putting fishing conditions for thousands of locations right at your fingertips wherever you are. We’ve also included current regulations for responsible angling and the ability to record catches right where they happen.”

CPW Fishing allows anglers to fully explore the state’s waters, whether searching for a new destination or checking weather conditions at a long-favorite location. The app allows discovery of over 2,000 fishing locations in Colorado, and provides information on the type of fishing at each location, stream gauges, species availability, accessibility, family-friendliness and more.

The app includes journaling features which allow anglers to record their successes, map catch locations, and share photos and information. Social badges can be earned with your reports, and anglers can even become official CPW Master Anglers using the app to submit their qualifying catch.

Educational features such as up-to-date fishing regulations, fish identification guides and news alerts for key information anglers need to be aware of on the water are also available.

The CPW Fishing app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. CPW Fishing was made possible with financial support from the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and the Colorado State Internet Portal Authority and was developed in close partnership between the Colorado Parks and Wildlife GIS team, CPW Aquatics section and the CPW Creative Services and Marketing team. To learn more about the app, visit

Hunter Pink is the New Orange

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division, it is now legal for hunters to wear solid fluorescent pink clothing as an alternative to solid daylight fluorescent orange garments. This law which went into effect on August 10, 2016 after the Colorado legislature passed Senate Bill 16-068, applies to those who take deer, elk, pronghorn, moose or black bear with any firearm. Find out exactly what this means for hunters with the Authorized Fluorescent Pink fact sheet.

Pink Hunter

Florescent pink is the new orange among hunters. Photo: Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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