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Big Foot Sightings Along Leadville’s MBT! 

“Yup. I’m one of those victims,” posted Jennifer Speight who was one of several victims spoofed by the life-size cut-outs of Big Foot showing up along Leadville’s Mineral Belt Trail in recent weeks. “I passed him by about a week ago and yelled out loud! Gah!”Big Foot_MBT

The legend of Sasquatch is steeped in American folklore, describing a large hairy beast that is that is said to inhabit forests. Leadville reports of the biped humanoid started showing on local social media feeds around August.

“We stopped for a family photo,” stated Anne Davis on the Leadville Today Facebook Page, who also confirmed that there is more than one towering Sasquatch watching over the cyclists and walkers who use the popular multi-use 13 mile paved recreation which encompasses America’s Highest City.

For others, the mere mention of Big Foot immediately evokes their need to dispel his existence: “That’s just an old hippie,” posted longtime Lake County resident Sharon Galey. A statement most locals might not argue in this old west mining community.  

CBS_Matt_Big Foot

CBS’s Matt Kroschel gets a clear shot of Big Foot while filming along Leadville’s Mineral Belt Trail, where the biped humanoid has recently been spotted. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell

But further investigative reporting led Leadville Today to the genesis of these giant, Sasquatch cut-outs. The paths all led to one Howard Tritz of Leadville, a native son and retired Lake County Assessor with plenty of time on his hands for such pranks! 

“Well, actually it wasn’t me, but they did ask to use my Sasquatch cut-out,” reported Tritz in an exclusive interview with Leadville Today. “I’ve got nearly two acres of cut-outs on my property, everything from unicorns to dragons.” It seems Tritz was approached by “some guy who asked to remain anonymous,” to use Tritz’s Sasquatch design to manufacture a few for “fun.”

BigFoot Mile Marker 8_Kelly Murphy

The recent snowfall in this photo by Leadville Today readers Kelly Murphy indicates that the beast is still in the area. Have YOU seen him?

“While I don’t like the idea of them scaring people,” said Tritz, “it is kind comical!” And most residents, and regular MBT users, would agree. When they come upon the 8-foot, wooden, jet-black creature seen through the trees, with a blood red eye made from a bike reflector ( a clue from its creator perhaps?) it might make their heart skip a beat at first, but it’s also likely to get a good chuckle. And who doesn’t need THAT these days?

Publisher’s NOTE: Stay tuned to CBS news for the Matt Kroeschel interview with Leadville Today as they venture out to one of the Sasquatch sightings along the Mineral Belt Trail in Leadville, Colorado. Will they find the elusive beast?! Stay Tuned!

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