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Class Ring Reunited with ’79 Leadville Graduate

Today marks the 19th Annual Career Fair at Lake County High School (LCHS), presented by the Leadville Lions Club. The high school gymnasium will be buzzing with enlightening conversation about career choices, as local business people discuss their jobs with students, in a one-one-one format that produces life-long results.

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The Leadville Lions Club Annual Career Fair takes place in Leadville Today in Lake County High School gymnasium. Inspire a student today!

To honor that spirit of inspiring a student in Leadville Today, here is a story about a Class Ring that was recently reunited with a LCHS alumnus from the Class of 1979!!

**Leadville Class Ring Found**  – that’s what Leadville Today reader Zack Finger posted on the Leadville Today Facebook Page. And with the stroke on a keyboard, a reunion that – only ten years ago – would have taken months, if not years, took place between LCHS graduate Pat Woulfe and his cherished Class Ring.

“I lost it about 40 years ago,” wrote Woulfe in an email to Leadville Today. After his high school graduation he worked in the ski industry at Ski Cooper, Copper Mountain and 12 years at Vail/ Beaver Creek.

Which would seem to match up with the rest of the finder’s post, explaining how he found the ring: “I bought a gondola cabin in Leadville yesterday and while cleaning it out found a class ring.” It read: Leadville High School 1979, with the initials: PJW.

Class Ring FB

Zack Finger with Last Chair Customs discovered a Leadville Class Ring in one of his recent purchases. PJW from the Class of 1979.

It’s at this point in the story where social media can be seen as the hero, instead of the villain. Immediately, the more than 7,500 LT FB followers leaped into action, spreading the word, and chiming in with suggestions about how to find the owner. In less than 24 hours, he was identified.

In fact, it was the Lake County School District that provided the information from its 1979 yearbook archives, revealing the student’s identity: Patrick  James Woulfe (PJW). Mystery solved!  But where was he now?! And how could he be reunited with his Class Ring?

Fortunately, around these parts, LCHS classmates stay pretty connected, no matter what year they graduated in.  So, with the help of some Leadville alumnae, Woulfe was tracked down . . . in Hawaii! Before long, the ring was en route back to its rightful finger.

Zack Finger

Zack Finger: Ring Finder

And that’s all thanks to another “”finger,” Zack Finger, whose proven himself to be an all-around good guy. Here’s his take:

“My company, Last Chair Customs, bought the Keystone gondola cabin for an upcoming project. I found the ring down in the bottom of the cabin. The cabin was purchased off the property Pat grew up at. It was being used as a storage shed. There was an old sink in there, and I suspect the ring fell out of the drain when I was moving everything. Pat said he lost the ring in 78′, so it’s been missing almost 39 years!”

More than likely it’s not the first thing that Finger had ever uncovered in his line of work. After all, his company specializes in refinishing, refurbishing, and repurposing items from the ski industry, mostly ski lift chairs. But still, it’s nice when things come together, when sentimental items are reunited.

“I’m really happy you were able to help locate the owner so quickly!” wrote Finger. All thanks to Leadville Today readers!

“There are still good people in our world!” wrote Woulfe upon receiving his Class Ring back in the mail last month. Yes, Pat goodness does still “ring” true, and you can find it living right here in Leadville Today!

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