Latest News – October 17

Leadville Pride: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Update


Remember the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive when you’re picking up that Halloween candy or weekly groceries this weekend! Today, October 27 the Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue will be out at Safeway from 3 to 5 p.m. to collect food for the food banks. Thank You!

“The food and cash donations have been coming in steady,” said Mabel Bogeart regarding the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive. Good to know at the mid-point in the month-long food drive which will help re-stock Leadville’s local food pantry as the colder months come on.

Here’s an update on the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive. And if you have efforts underway to help fill Leadville’s food banks, contact Mabel Bogeart directly at or 719-486-0259.

Now in its 11th year, the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive is held annually in October. This year, the food drop-off locations are at Safeway,  Saturday’s Discount, ShopKo,  Kum & Go on Mtn View Drive, and Pueblo Bank and Trust. For those who wish to contribute financially, money donation jars are located at: Peoples Bank, 1st Mountain Bank, Pueblo Bank and Trust, and Saturday’s Discount. The food bank runs from October 1 thru November 1

“Remember, what you give, comes back to you,” says Bogeart.  And as the holiday season approaches, so does the giving season. Give back – it feels good!

Help Protect Mt Elbert: Colorado’s Tallest


Colorado’s highest peak at 14,443 feet, Mt. Elbert can see tens of thousands of hikers in a single summer! Photo: Leadville Today/Brennan Ruegg.

As one of the most visited fourteeners, Mount Elbert is also one of the most vulnerable. Mount Elbert’s three main summit routes can see tens of thousands of hikers in a single summer! To that end, the multi-year reconstruction and restoration project began this past summer.  Managed by the U.S. Forest Service, the program is being implemented by the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Wildland Restoration Volunteers and Colorado Mountain Club.

And thanks to their efforts a newly realigned East Ridge Route to Elbert (leaving from the South Elbert Trailhead) opened in August 2017! According to Emily Olsen , Colorado Program Manager for the National Forest Foundation, “work on the trail will continue through 2018, with restoration wrapping up in 2019. Work is proposed to begin on the Northeast Ridge Route (leaving from the North Elbert Trailhead) by 2020.”

The National Forest Foundation, chartered by Congress to be the U.S. Forest Service’s nonprofit partner, is raising funds for the work and coordinating partner groups through a new collaborative effort called Find Your Fourteener. Mount Elbert is one of the first three priority peaks (along with Pikes Peak and Quandary Peak) through this effort.

As part of the work on Elbert, the program is hosting an online survey and conducting interviews to gather input and ideas about the work proposed on Elbert in future years. If you are interested in participating, please consider filling out the SurveyMonkey or contacting Emily Olsen at to schedule an interview by November 1.


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