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Trick or Treat Street and the Stapleton Manor

Happy Halloween! Most long-time locals would say that the overnight snow in town is right on cue for the “most frightful day on the calendar.” Happy Halloween!Halloween Weather.jpgMost areas in Lake County saw at least a trace of snow overnight, while other areas reported as much as 2 inches. On the high mountain passes like Fremont and Tennessee Pass there was just enough snow and ice- build-up to make for a “scary” commute this Halloween morning. But that’s nothing compared to the not-so-recent past of trudging through more than half a foot of snow for the kids to collect all of their sugary loot! And while there will be some additional snow in Leadville Today, it’s time for the Halloween games to begin, so here’s what you need to know! Happy Halloween, from Leadville Today’s parent company, The Great Pumpkin, LLC (stay tuned for that story tomorrow!)

that  have seen is scant compared to the measurable inches that used to threaten the traditional Halloween Trick-or-Treaters, it’s time fo rthe games to begin in Leadvilel Today

Trick or Treat Street

For lovers of all things spooky, the extended Halloween season culminates tonight with the official tradition of Trick or Treating! And in Leadville, that means heading over to W. 7th Street, keeping everybody safe and those goody bags full of some sweet loot!


Leadville’s Trick or Treat Street on W. 7th Street in Leadville. Big crowds; lots of goodies!

While the first two hundred blocks of W. 7th Street will officially open for the door-to-door tradition, things will kick off a bit earlier on historic Harrison Avenue, according to this year’s event organizer Bethany Maher. There will be trick or treating starting at 4:30 today at businesses on Harrison Avenue from 6th Street to 8th Street, Maher explained. 

Ever wonder how the whole thing got started in Leadville? That’s where the Stapleton Family of Leadville enters the picture.

tricktreatad 2017“We’ve always loved Halloween,” explained Myron Stapleton, whose family has been hosting the Stapleton Manor Haunted House for the past 19 years on Leadville’s W. 7th Street. At first, “we had a small path the kids had to take for the candy. It just grew from there!”

But in 2000, the community decided to formalize the event since that area drew so many trick-or-treaters, some of the neighbors started to express the need for some help from volunteers. In addition, while they didn’t mind decorating up their houses or themselves, keeping up with the necessary candy supplies was becoming an economic burden. So candy donations are always necessary to make it a success.

And this year will be no different. In fact, if there’s one thing Leadvillites can agree on, it’s the recent increase in population of the trick-or-treating demographic.

“As this event has grown and become more and more popular,” explain Maher, “it has begun to cost significantly more.  I’m hoping to raise more money this year to be able to buy more non candy items like pretzels, snack packs, etc. but they are significantly more per piece.” Even the candy donations were slow this year, so if you’re so inclined, contact  so I’m really hoping that people are getting the word and contributing to this great family event!

And so for Leadville’s slightly older teens, this frightful haunted maze has been part of their annual traditions for years. Formally started in 1998, the Stapleton Manor adds some Halloween fun for the older siblings after dutifully helping their younger brothers and sisters safely navigate the Trick-or-Treating set up along the first two hundred blocks of W. 7th Street on Halloween. This year the haunted house will run two nights: Saturday, Oct. 28 and Halloween, Tuesday, Oct. 31, from 6 -9 p.m. The haunted house is also a fundraiser for Full Circle of Lake County, who are actively involved in the event.

“The kids provide the music and sound effects,” explained Director Alice Pugh, adding that it’s one of their most successful fundraisers, bringing in about $1,500 from the event. The students also become part of the experience dressing up as some of the frightful characters scaring, classmates and neighbors as they hesitantly make their way through the eerie haunts and screeching calls, wailing from W. 7th Street.

Of course, they can always use more volunteers. Contact Stan at 719-486-5195 if you’re interested in scaring the pants off some folks!

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