Latest News – November 2

Firewood Permits: Two More Weeks

If that small snow storm that came through town earlier this week made you realize that you may not have all the wood you need to get you through the winter, then you’re in luck! The U.S. Forest Service, San Isabel National Forest – Leadville Ranger District will continue to sell fuelwood permits through November 15. They are valid through December 31.

Firewood Circles_2As many locals know, the Forest Service roads are not maintained for winter travel, and may become inaccessible due to snow prior to permit expiration date.  The designated fuel wood cutting areas and some Forest Service roads will close November 30 due to wildlife winter range closures.

This year, the San Isabel National Forest has allowed roadside cutting from any Forest Service road.  Roadside cutting is in addition to designated fuelwood cutting areas, where timber crews have already downed trees. Within fuelwood cutting areas fuelwood cutters may only harvest downed trees not specially marked for other needs.

Standing dead and downed trees may be cut roadside with some exceptions for developed campgrounds, ski areas, and other administrative and recreational sites. Fuelwood cutters are responsible for accurately identifying National Forest system lands and roads. Free motor vehicle use maps are available.

For more information contact the Leadville Ranger District at (719) 486-0749. Readers can also follow them on Twitter: @PSICC_NF

Firewood pile_snow

How’s your wood pile looking in Leadville Today?



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