Latest News – November 8

Tharp Wins Treasurer, Yes to 2A

Today’s “off-year” election didn’t see any surprises – or many candidates running for city races. The Leadville Treasurer was the only contested city race with two write-in candidates. In the end when the votes were all counted, it was Elsa Tharp who won the majority support, garnering 124 votes, and securing a victory over Tina Tekansik’s 88 votes.

Election 2017_1

Lake County election judges tally the results from the November 7, 2017 Election. Photo: Leadville Today/Brennan Ruegg.

As for the city’s proposed tax increase measure, voters said yes to the 2A with 326 in favor and 248 opposed. The rest of the uncontested City of Leadville elected positions results were reported by the Lake County Clerk and Recorder Patty Berger as follows:

Leadville’s new City Clerk will be Rachelle Collins, who ran uncontested, securing 381 votes and will step in to the position in January with the official swearing in.

Ward One:

Incumbent Jane Gowing ran unopposed, securing her seat in Ward One with a total of 127 votes.  Gowing was originally appointed to the seat of Leadville City Council in 2016.

Ward Two:

Domenic Roti was the only candidate in Ward Two and was able to get 28 voters to print his name on their ballots, as he was an official Write-In Candidate for the 4-year position. In August 2017, Roti was appointed to the Ward Two position by city council, presently serves on council and will continue to do so through 2022.

Two-year Term: There were no petitions or write-ins for this position. Therefore, according to Lake County Clerk and Recorder Berger the representative currently seated on council in this position will remain until January 2018, then Leadville City Council will attempt to fill seat by appointment.

Ward Three:

The winning representative for Ward Three is Kevin Linebarger who ran unopposed as a write-in candidate for the two-year. He tallied 26 votes, Write-In Candidate securing the seat on council for the next two years. Kevin Linebarger was appointed to the Ward Three position in August 2017, and presently serves on council.

Four-year Term: There were no petitions or write-ins for this position in Ward Three. Therefore, this council seat as well, will be appointed by Leadville City Council in January 2018 after the current representative serves out their obligation.


Election 2017_2

Light snow in Leadville Today greeted voters who decided to forego the mail-in ballot process and cast their vote at the polls in the Lake County courthouse. Photo: Leadville Today/Brennan Ruegg.

As for Colorado Mountain College (CMC)’s Ballot Issue 4B, local voters turned down tax increase measure, however all the district votes need to be tallied across the state for the final results to be calculated.  In Lake County, 507 voted yes, and 698 voters were opposed. The final reulst will be updated here when available from the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.

When it came to the three candidates for the CMC Board of Trustees, only the District 3 Trustee position had competition, readers can view the Lake County results HERE, however all votes across the district need to be tallied before a FINAL vote is recorded.

That’s it for the local take for Election 2017 from Leadville Today. For results in resultslections around the state, log on to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.

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