Leadville News – November 15

Prescribed Burns Scheduled Near Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes April

Unseasonably warm temperatures have extend the fall season at Twin Lakes, near Leadville Today. But residents should keep an eye to the sky as prescribed slash burns are scheduled near the area over the next several weeks, according to Forest Service officials.

The U.S. Forest Service – Salida and Leadville Ranger Districts are preparing for slash pile prescribed burn projects in Chaffee County. The projects involve burning slash piles from November 2017 through March 2018. Residents and visitors to Twin Lakes should be advised that smoke could be visible from these projects.

Weather conditions may affect the dates for ignition and fire personnel will monitor conditions to determine if ignition should take place. Smoke may be present for several days after the piles have been ignited. Fire personnel will monitor the piles until the fire is completely out.

Controled Burn Progress

Where there’s smoke, there will be prescribed burns are planned for Twin Lakes sometime in the next two months.

Burning slash piles is the 2nd phase of the projects (Hazardous Fuels Reduction, Forest Health, and Wildlife Habitat Improvement). The piles consist of woody debris from thinning, or timber projects which removed the initial hazardous fuels on U.S. Forest Service lands. Burning these piles will further reduce the hazardous fuel buildup in these areas. The most effective method for removing slash piles is by igniting them when weather and conditions are conducive for burning, yet surrounding vegetation is less likely to ignite. For this reason, having snow on the ground is important for a successful burn.

General areas for slash pile burning:

  • Leadville Ranger District: 
    • Morrison Creek (FS Rd 387)
  • Salida Ranger District:
    • Dry Lake / Cree Creek (CR 219 / 225 / 228)
    • Droney Gulch (CR 250, 251)

Prescribed fire smoke may affect your health. For more information: CLICK.

For more information, contact the Salida Ranger District at 719-539-3591 or Leadville Ranger District at 719-486-0749. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/PSICCNF/ and on Twitter for up-to-date information: @PSICC_NF

Firewood Permits: Last Day November 15

Blue skies and sunshine have extended the fall season at 10,200 feet, allowing many to make sure they have all the wood needed to get through the winter, which will eventually get here! So be advised that today – November 15 – is the last day that the Leadville Ranger District will sell fuelwood permits. They are valid through December 31.

Firewood Circles_2As many locals know, the Forest Service roads are not maintained for winter travel, and may become inaccessible due to snow prior to permit expiration date.  The designated fuel wood cutting areas and some Forest Service roads will close November 30 due to wildlife winter range closures.

This year, the San Isabel National Forest has allowed roadside cutting from any Forest Service road.  Roadside cutting is in addition to designated fuelwood cutting areas, where timber crews have already downed trees. Within fuelwood cutting areas fuelwood cutters may only harvest downed trees not specially marked for other needs.

Standing dead and downed trees may be cut roadside with some exceptions for developed campgrounds, ski areas, and other administrative and recreational sites. Fuelwood cutters are responsible for accurately identifying National Forest system lands and roads. Free motor vehicle use maps are available.

For more information contact the Leadville Ranger District at (719) 486-0749. Readers can also follow them on Twitter: @PSICC_NF

Firewood pile_snow

How’s your wood pile looking in Leadville Today?


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