Leadville News – November 18

Nov Snow 2017_1

Friday’s snow storm rolled through Leadville and Lake County leaving behind at least a half foot of snow in most areas! Winter has arrived in Leadville Today!

Food Drive Success for Local Food Banks

“I’m so grateful to live in a county where there are so kind-hearted people that are willing to help their neighbors!” said Mabel Bogeart regarding the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive as she sat surrounded by bountiful bags of canned goods and other essential food items, donated throughout the month of October.

Food Driive_2017_2

Donation for Leadville Food Banks from the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive.

In addition to the dry goods, each food center, which includes Lake County Senior Center, St. George’s Church, First Presbyterian Church of Leadville, and Holy Family Parish, will also receive financial support. Bogeart noted that one of the food banks was completely out of reserves, so your donations really do make a difference in Leadville Today!

The proceeds from area donation jars as well as the Conservation District’s donation allowed each food bank to receive $250 in cash and $500 in Safeway gift cards. That’s up from last year, so nice job, Leadville!

Food Driive_2017_1Building off the success of this year’s efforts, Food Drive coordinator Mabel Bogeart has stayed committed to making sure that local food banks have additional reserves to get through the colder, winter months.

“Thanks also to all the merchants that allowed me to place the food boxes and donation jars in their businesses!” said Bogeart. “I could not do this without everyone’s help!”

Those interested in participating or giving to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive anytime of year, may also contact Mabel Bogeart directly at mbogeart@co.lake.co.us. or 719-486-0259.

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