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Waiting on Winter in America’s Highest City

It’s hard not to hear the murmuring, in whispers at the check-out lane and local eateries. Where’s the snow? Business is slow. Holiday ski cancellations, lead to trepidations, felt by everyone from employees to small business owners. And with Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, and the only snow in the forecast reported as 40% on Sunday, those who rely on that white gold to make a living are getting a bit nervous!

Weekend forecast

But fear not! It’s a perfect time to remind readers of all the great things to happen once winter does arrive. Don’t lose hope, and trust Mother Nature for the rest.


Tai Chi with Elaine Waters

For winter athletes looking to keep those knees and hips in good working order, consider taking advantage of some upcoming Tai Chi classes offered by Elaine Waters. She’s a master of this martial art and has been around the local scene for years.

The Swimming Dragon Chi Kung Workshop will be held this Saturday, Dec. 2 from 12/Noon – 2 p.m. at St. George Church, 200 W. 4th Street. Beginners are welcome!

For those looking for something more long-term, the weekly Tai Chi classes will start in Leadville on January 10 and run Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Waters also offers classes in Buena Vista:  Sign up to reserve your spot! Contact Waters at info@elainewaters.com or find more details on her website.

Registration is also open for a number of other winter endeavors. The primary fundraiser for the Mineral Belt Trail (MBT) is the 15th annual Leadville Loppet.  Truth be told, the MBT is going to need some major repairs and maintenance work in order to remain open, so show your support and have a good time by signing up for one of the following races. There’s something for everyone!

The 2018 Leadville Loppet will be held on Saturday, Feb. 17 and includes freestyle and classic styles for a 44k, 22k, 10k, and fun, costumed 5k. Registration for the Leadville Loppet can be found on their website, or stay connected with race update through their Facebook Page.


Registration is open for the 2018 Leadville Loppet which will be held Saturday, February 17. The series of cross-country ski events is the major fundraiser for the Mineral Belt Trail. Photo: Brennan Ruegg/Leadville Today.

One of Lake County’s favorite winter event is the Twin Lakes Ice fishing Derby, sponsored by the Leadville Rod and Gun Club. This annual event will mark two decades in 2018, as the competition plays out on the ice on February 10 & 11. The derby came back strong last year after a hiatus and re-organization, proving that there is a strong showing for winter anglers across the state. Of course, for locals it’s a great social outing after those long winter days.

The Twin Lakes Ice Fishing Derby also provides an economic shot in the arm for the southern portion of Lake County, which does not see much winter traffic as its western portal, Independence Pass is closed to vehicle traffic from the first significant snowfall until Memorial Day Weekend.

Ice-fishing enthusiasts from across Colorado will compete for cash and prizes. The event also has an active kids competition, traning the next generation to use the ice auger! Readers can check out last year’s application until the 2018 one is available, although there are not many changes year to year. Contact Angelina (719) 293-0567 or Danny (719) 293-5057 for more information.

Have you been wondering about Leadville Ski Joring? Everybody does this time of year! Maybe all that speculation has just become part of the tradition for this Premiere Winter Sport, bringing the chills and spills to America’s Highest City   since 1945. Make preparations to be in downtown Leadville on March 3 & 4 as historic Harrison Avenue takes center stage in a showdown of nerves and courage – and that’s just what it takes to be a volunteer!

Come and see for yourself this sport of Horse+Rider+Skier that packs in hundreds of spectators. Come, experience this one-of-a-kind Wild West Show that thrills the crowds and provides enough horse shit to fertilize the courthouse lawn. Details and registration links HERE. But for now, if you need a room, book one and consider taking Public Transportation if you’re coming up from Summit or Eagle County.

So there you have it, winter activities are on deck and ready to be launched. Remember the snow will come and keep coming, so while you’re waiting consider taking part in Leadville’s winter fun as either a participant or a volunteer! Let it snow!

Jesper Kristensen_2017_Ski Joring_dowtown LT POST

Leadville’s historic Harrison Avenue sets the stage for Leadville Ski Joring held the first weekend in March. Photo: Leadville Today/Jesper Kristensen, with permission.

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