Leadville News – December 4

Break Out the Shovel – It’s Snowing in Leadville!

It’s snowing . . . FINALLY! And while many residents and businesses welcome the arrival of Mother Nature’s winter blanket, with it comes the never-ending battle of keeping the cold stuff off the sidewalks, streets and driveways. To that end, Leadville Today is bringing you the latest from the Leadville Police Department regarding where you can park, where you can shovel and where you can pay the ever-increasing fines and tickets that come with snow removal in the highest city in America! Happy Plowing!Police Car


Snow Removal Guidelines for Leadville

In the Leadville Police Department’s own words and for your light reading pleasure, here are the details:

 As many of you may have already noticed, the four-hour parking on Harrison Avenue has been supplemented with- “NO PARKING 2AM TO 6AM”.  The side streets to the alleys have been changed to “NO PARKING 2AM TO 6AM WHEN IT SNOWS”.  These restrictions are in place for winter weather to allow the city street department to clear away the ice and snow.   The police department has been tasked with enforcement of these restrictions. 

Residents are reminded that any vehicles left parked in the restricted area between the hours of 2 am and 6 am on Harrison or between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the side streets when it snows can be ticketed.  We would like to shed a little light on the definition of “when it snows”.  Your police department considers “when it snows” to mean within 24 hours of any appreciable snow fall.  Please, try to keep up with the weather reports.  Should they be calling for a snow please do not park in the 100 blocks of any of the side streets off of Harrison Ave.

Angle parking has been removed from the last half 100 and 200 Blocks of E. 8th St on the south side for the winter.  Residents are reminded it is now parallel parking.  Angle Parking will be returning sometime in May.  Cars that are not parked parallel to the curb are subject to ticketing.   

The street department has also asked us to remind residents that parking in alleys is prohibited anytime.  Vehicles parked in the alleys often makes it impossible for crews to get their equipment down them preventing them from being plowed.  Additionally, any structures, trash, debris or other objects placed in the alleys inhibits the street crew’s ability to clear them of snow and ice.  Not only does it prevent the alleys from being traveled but it also often inhibits emergency vehicle access to the rear of many properties.


Leadville residents are not likely to forget the mess local streets were in last winter when snow storm after snow storm left residents and street crews ill-prepared to handle the piles left behind. Photo: Leadville Today/Brennan Ruegg

Code requires vehicles, when parked on the street, to have their right-side tires no more than 12 inches from the curb.  Vehicles parked in such a manner that they obstruct traffic will be ticketed and towed.  Our streets are already narrowed enough with the snow we cannot allow vehicle to obstruct them further when parked.  Our goal is safety and to try to assure that we can traverse our street without having to yield the right of way to vehicle proceeding in the opposite direction.

Any vehicle parked in the same spot on the street for more than 48 hours can be considered abandon and removed under city code.  Last year we had a large number of vehicle buried in snow causing a hazard to the motoring public and making it near impossible for our street crews to keep the streets clear of snow and ice.  This year your police department has placed a priority on having vehicles moved so as not to become an obstruction or impede plowing and snow removal efforts.  We completely understand that many of us have no other place to park but please try not have vehicles parked in city right of way for extended periods of time.  The police department does not like to tow vehicles.  We will, however, not let the problems we faced last year develop if we can help it. 

Motorists are also reminded that the Model Traffic Code prohibits parking within 5 feet of a private or public driveway, within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection or 30 feet of a traffic signal, stop or yield sign located at the side of the roadway.  These distances are in place to provide a proper and safe sight distance for traffic to pull from these places.  Parking in violation of these distances creates a safety hazard, especially in winter conditions. 

Proper clearing of our street of snow is essential to limiting ice buildup and allowing our storm drains to work as designed.  If our drains are covered with snow, it does not allow the water from melting snow to drain away properly, causing it to run down the side streets onto the avenue; where it often lays until it freezes causing hazardous road conditions.

Police Sheriff Cars Parade

The Leadville Police Department and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office participate in the Leadville Parade of Lights on December 1. Photo: Leadville Today/Diana Lange.

Residents and snow removal contractors are reminded that they cannot push, shovel or throw snow from their property or in front of their property, onto or in front of their neighbor’s property.  We want to caution those contractors who are clearing parking space not to push that snow into the next space or in front of the next house, it is a violation of city code.

With your help and cooperation, we can make this winter our safest ever.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the police department (719-486-1365), street department (719-486-1166) or Mayor’s Office (719-486-2571.  We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation this winter season. – The Leadville Police Department



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