Leadville News – December 13

Stay Fit & Flexible in Leadville Today

If the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has got you reaching for another shot of espresso, it might be time to try something different to put some pep in your step. And the experts say there’s nothing like a good workout to get the blood flowing. So, follow the sound of the rhythmic beat down to the corner of W. 6th Street and Pine to Ray of Light, because tonight is Zumba Wednesday starting at 6 p.m.zumba

Described as a total-body workout that feels like a party, all fitness levels quickly find themselves lost in the music as they get in a great aerobic exercise. The class runs Wednesdays thru May, so why not get a jump start on those weight loss goals that usually follow the holiday season?! Drop in rate is $15, get a Ray of Light punch cardRay of Light punch card for significant savings. Ray of Light is located at 201 West 6th Street or connect with on Facebook.

Or if you’re looking to go a bit deeper this month, then check out the Raise The Vibration program that Ray of Light is bringing to Leadvillites. On December 19 and 22 there will be two special practices offered to equip you with a deeper awareness and love for who you. On Tuesday, Dec. 19 the session is at at 6 p.m. and on Friday, Dec 22 at 5:30 a.m. Programs last 2 hours.

About the program facilitators: Anne-Margaret Redding and Anthony Wood began a 30-city US tour to “Raise The Vibration of America.” Spending one week in each city/town, they will work with local communities, teaching workshops on how to heal inner and outer divisiveness. 

Readers are also reminded of upcoming Tai Chi Classes with Leadville’s Elaine Waters. For winter athletes looking to keep those knees and hips in good working order, consider taking advantage of some upcoming Tai Chi classes offered by Elaine Waters. She’s a master of this martial art and has been around the local scene for years.

The weekly Tai Chi classes will start in Leadville on January 10 and run Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Waters also offers classes in Buena Vista: Sign up to reserve your spot! Contact Waters at info@elainewaters.com or find more details on her website.


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