Leadville News – December 19

Leadville 80461: At Your (Postal) Service

Today is the day when it comes to holiday mailing. That’s right, if you don’t get those cards and letter s in the mail slot by the end of the day, they most likely will not arrive there in time for Christmas, according to the United States Post Office.  So get out those stamps – at least you don’t have to lick them anymore – and then head down to Leadville 80461. Here’s the rest of what you need to know for mail and package deadlines.

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The lines at the Post Office might be long at Leadville 80461, but their friendly staff is never short on smiles and good customer service.

  • Dec. 14 – USPS Retail Ground (domestic)
  • Dec. 19– First-Class Mail Cards and Letters
  • Dec. 20 – Priority Mail
  • Dec. 22 – Priority Mail Express
  • MILITARY Guidelines for delivery: LINKLINK 

Holiday Facts and Figures

  • About 16 billion total pieces of mail & packages will be delivered from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.
  • The Busiest MAILING day for greeting cards & packages is Monday, Dec 18.  More than 611 million pieces of mail will be processed. 
  • The Busiest DELIVERY day for greeting cards & packages is Thursday, Dec 21. More than 30 million packages will be delivered. 
  • Dec. 18 will also be the busiest day for usps.com with more than 7 million customers predicted to visit on that day alone. 37 million visits will be logged during the holidays and 3 million of those people will Click and Ship their package.

While most Leadville residents don’t mind going to the local PO, as it’s a community meeting place for friends and neighbors, for those wanting a stress-free holiday without leaving the comforts of home, the Postal Service offers solutions on usps.com that make gift-shipping easy and convenient. 

  • Order free flat-rate USPS Priority boxes at usps.com/freeboxes – delivered to any home or business.
  • Skip the trip with Click-N-Ship. Create mailing labels with USPS Tracking and print postage online at usps.com/ship.
  • Free package pickup when the carrier delivers the mail.

So there you have it, be prepared and be sure to get those packages down to Leadville 80461 as soon as you can! They are ready to serve!


The holiday rush is on at Leadville 80461 – be sure YOU meet the  deadlines!


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