Leadville News – January 20

Snowflakes and Sweet Tunes in Lead Vegas!

By Ted B. K. Halley, Lead Vegas Contributor                

Imagine if you will, a picturesque Rocky Mountain scene.  You’re relaxing with friends after a day on the slopes, sipping some satisfying libation as an old-time string band plays lively music in an Irish pub while the snow lightly falls outside. If that’s your vision of a good time, then you’re in luck because there are at least a couple of places where you can have that experience in Leadville Today.

If you’re out at Ski Cooper today not only could you see some freshies throughout the day, but what better way to watch it slowly fall than from Katie O’Rourke’s Pub out at the ski lodge. Starting at 3 p.m. Nine Dollar Shawl will kick up the good times with hard-driving and sweet old-time tunes and songs for your listening and dancing pleasure!

The trio includes Andrea Earley Coen on the fiddle, Lori Nitzel on banjo and Ellen Rosenberg playing guitar and banjo-uke.  Apres ski swillers can expects to hear some traditional pre-bluegrass fiddle and banjo music with deep roots in rural Appalachia and the Midwest. They will be making toes tap until 5 p.m.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Because if you head back into Leadville after a day of winter fun, you can still catch some live music at Wilde’s Green Hour, located in the heart of downtown Lead Vegas! Starting at 7 p.m. guests will be entertained by Gabby the Fabulous. While there’s indication as to what type of music this could be, no doubt that Gabby will be there and it will be fabulous! And if you don’t catch her tonight, there’s always brunch at La Resistance (same location) where she’ll be striking up some more tunes starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday. Brunch here is highly recommended.

If you’re wanting an Après Ski with an incredible view, then Treeline Kitchen is the spot to be. There’s not a bad seat in the house from their (enclosed) rooftop lounge. Enjoy some wine, order some apps and watch the sun set through the snowstorm predicted to bring 4 – 6 inches of snow to town over night. Need some good tunes to go with the one-of-a-kind view? Then check out local musician Ned Warner’s album: Recordings 2003 – 2015. You can download from itunes and enjoy from the privacy of your own ear buds!  With 67 songs to choose from, there’s definitely some good-old Rocky Mountain music to suit everyone’s taste! Plus you’d be supporting a Leadville musician.

A Lounge With A View at the Treeline Kitchen in downtown Lead Vegas!

 So there you have the Lead Vegas report for a Leadville Saturday night. No doubt town will be hopping with tourists and visitors so with the pending overnight storm, definitely keep an eye out for those snowflakes!

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