Leadville News – March 14

Students Plan Walk-Out in Leadville Today

In commemoration of the 17 victims of the school shooting in Florida last month, the Student Senate at Lake County High School (LCHS), is hosting a walk out in Leadville Today.

“We would like not only the school,” stated student Taylor Webster, the Communications Director for the Senate, “but members of our community to join us in front of our high school at 10 a.m. (today) to spend 17 minutes of silence together for these victims.”

Across the country, high school students are mobilizing for National Walk-Out on March 14, 2018. These Leadville students have decided to commemorate the victims in this manner.

But according to Webster, in an email interview with Leadville Today, the students see it as more that just commemorating the Parkland (Florida) victims:

“Walking out of school during class has been more than just posting about our condolences for the victims. It is a symbol of protest against gun laws and acts of violence in schools where students and teachers should never feel scared going.”NationalWalkout-900x600

While there appears to be no formal plan for the Lake County School District to engage on their social media platforms in support of the event, Webster added, “If people were to post on social media about their participation in the walk out, they would join the hashtag #ENOUGH, in regards to enough to gun violence in our schools, communities, and societies.”

While the protest is directed toward high school students, it was reported that the Student Senate of LCHS has been working with the Junior High Student Council to involve 7th and 8th (students) as well. Students will be returning to class after the ceremony for the beginning of 3rd period.

Leadville Today included in the communication a series of questions. LCSH student Taylor Webster reported that the answers to the questions were a coordinated effort among the students in the senate and their teachers. Here are those answers.

Is the Student Senate planning any other Calls To Action regarding improving Leadville students safety?

The Student Senate has been in charge of the Seatbelt challenge. We take polls on how many students have used their seatbelt coming to school and leaving, and we share that information to the students. We also share the importance of wearing a seatbelt in order to make more students do it and become safer not only going to and from school, but going anywhere if they are in a vehicle.

The interview then leaned in a bit further: In light of the Parkland tragedy, ongoing concerns about safety issues in the Lake County School District have come up. Are you aware of these concerns?

As part of the student senate, we have not had any major concerns about safety in our school. We have been focusing on excelling at leadership abilities, test scores, class work, extracurricular activities and sports. We have not been concerned with safety being an issue in our school. Our local chapter of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decision) recently completed a survey of our student body and found that 95% of students in our school feel safe in our school at all times.

Webster concluded: “Our school does not have any concerns about our school’s safety.”

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