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Sentences Issued for Two Local Women Last Week

The following two stories were released by District Attorney Bruce Brown’s office on Friday, March 16.

Leadville Woman sentenced to 4 years for 4 Charges

Katherine Peltack, 41, of Leadville, was sentenced Wednesday to four years of Community Corrections on four charges involving four different cases from 2014 – 2017. She previously pleaded guilty Jan. 4, 2018, to: Theft ($5K-$20K—F5); Stalking (Causing Emotional Distress—F5); Vehicular Assault/DUI (F4); and, Violation of a Protection Order (M1). Defendant Peltack faced numerous other charges, as well. On the theft charge, Peltack admitted to applying for financial assistance (food and medical insurance) from the Lake County Human Services Division Feb. 27, 2014, and again in July 2014.

District Attorney Bruce Brown is seeking re-election in November to represent the 5th Judicial District which includes Lake County

According to a Lake County Sheriff’s investigation, Peltack stole more than $18K in this assistance, telling human services staff she had a monthly gross income of $756, but monthly rent of $800—failing to report her other job as an apartment rental manager, and a gift of $5000 from her father, which made her ineligible to receive assistance benefits. For the stalking charge, Peltack followed and harassed a local business owner and his wife in and around their establishment. They had previous and repeated problems with her yelling at customers, posting negative items about the couple on Facebook, etc. When the couple learned Peltack had literally been “digging (holes) for treasures” around their establishment they contacted law enforcement—fearing for their lives and safety.

The final two charges of Protection Order Violation and Vehicular Assault stem from an incident involving her boyfriend and their troubled relationship. On Jan. 5, 2017, the boyfriend victim was at Peltack’s residence trying to fix her sink when they got into an argument. He left, and was later struck by Peltack with her car, causing severe pain and injury. Peltack was arrested by Lake County Sheriff’s deputies and put into confinement.

“This troubled person has a long history of criminal involvement, and is truly a danger to herself and others,” said Assistant District Attorney Heidi McCollum. “My only hope is that she receives the help she truly needs, and that her many victims can move on with their lives knowing she won’t be a menace to them or anyone else for several years,” McCollum added. The District Attorney had asked for prison for Defendant Peltack, but the presiding Judge Patton attributed her recent criminal behavior to her extensive history of drug abuse and addiction—sentencing her to community corrections, instead.

Leadville Woman Sentenced for Drug Charges

Kymbr Lee Trujillo, 28, of Leadville, was sentenced Wednesday on two counts regarding illegal drugs.

Kymbr Trujillo

The charges include: Possession of a Controlled Substance (DF4), and Possessing Drug Paraphernalia (Drug Petty Offense). Defendant Trujillo had previously been tried for several more drug-related charges, but the jury dismissed four of those charges. According to law enforcement reports, Trujillo (who was wanted on a previous warrant), was spotted by Lake County Deputies outside a Leadville store with her young daughter June 14, 2016. When deputies approached her to arrest her for the outstanding warrant, they found several bags of cocaine (13.4 grams) and methamphetamine (6.9 grams)—including a digital scale, a glass pipe and lighters. Defendant Trujillo was taken into custody and the child was released to a family member. “This is another sad story of what illegal drug-use can do to a young person, a family and a community,” said Heidi McCollum, Assistant District Attorney. “There is always a better way, and there is always someone you can turn to for help,” she added. Trujillo faces other felony charges: Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft (in Jefferson County), and Violation of Bail Bond Conditions (in Lake County).

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