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Hollywood Meets Leadville, Thanks to Floyd’s

Thanks to the Floyds of Leadville, the red carpet finish line has now intersected with the red carpet of Hollywood. That’s right the athlete’s cycling cleat has finally found common ground with the starlet’s stilettos.

Floyds of Leadville

Headquartered right here on the corner of Poplar and 11th Streets, Floyd’s of Leadville is making the red carpet a bit easier – for athletes and starlets! Photo: Leadville Today

According to a media advisory distributed by Floyd’s of Leadville, throughout the recent Hollywood awards season, many celebrities found themselves complaining of foot pain as they posed for the cameras in high-heels for hours on end. However, this season, some celebrity stylists were recommending Floyd’s CBD or cannabidiol products to their clients as a way of naturally relieving foot pain.

Celebrity stylist Erica Cloud recommended a CBD lotion to one of her clients, actress Mandy Moore; while legendary stylist Karla Welch has been recommending CBD lotion to some of her most famous clients, including actresses Sarah Paulson and Busy Phillips.

These talented women have been touting the benefits of CBD oils and lotions on the red carpet and on social media, putting a new spotlight on the CBD market. As one of the leading distributers of CBD products in the state of Colorado, Floyd’s of Leadville is proud to support the artists that are doing their part to spread the word about the many health benefits of CBD.


According to Floyds of Leadville, the stylist for Disney starlet Busy Phillips has been recommending the CBD oil to combat high-heel pain caused from hours on the red carpet. Photo: Wikipedia

Celebrities are promoting various CBD products as a nontraditional way of curbing everyday pain without the unpleasant, and often addicting, side-effects of opioids and other pain relievers that can wear away at a person’s liver. Unlike marijuana and other products with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, so individuals can go about their day normally without worrying about experiencing bouts of fatigue, short-term memory loss, anxiety or a lowered reaction time.

This is crucial for working professionals, including actresses, that need to be on the top of their game when dealing with and treating their pain. The country is also in the midst of a deadly opioid crisis, with over 20,000 synthetic opioid-related deaths a year. Pain-relieving CBD products are an all-natural alternative to opioids and drugs like marijuana that can produce negative side-effects and lead to addiction and dependency.

Floyd’s of Leadville strongly encourages those suffering from mild to severe pain to try CBD products as a way of temporarily curbing their discomfort in a way that’s both natural and effective. As more celebrities and social media influencers open up about their experiences with pain and the benefits of CBD, cannabidiol products are bound to grow in popularity. Floyd’s of Leadville is proud to provide the greater Colorado area with a range of effective CBD products that have been proven to relieve pain naturally.

About Floyd’s of Leadville: Founded by the former professional cyclist Floyd Landis, Floyd’s of Leadville sells a range of legal CBD products, including lotions, oils, and soft gels. Landis created Floyd’s of Leadville to help those suffering from physical pain find a responsible, nonaddictive way of managing their symptoms. These products provide natural pain relief without the unpleasant side-effects associated with prescription pain killers and illegal drugs. For more information, all interested parties can visit floydsofleadville.com, email: info@floydsofleadville.com or just call him directly at 970-445-3209. 

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