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Spring Forward with Good Health and RenewalSpringFlowers

Happy spring! Yes, spring officially begins in Leadville Today. This is the season of new life, a time of renewal. Even though in the high country, the snow can continue well into May, internal clocks toll the sounds of new birth, and hopeful signs that greener pastures lie just around the corner – literally!Contributor_Mtg 2018

So in honor of the vernal equinox,  Leadville Today brings you a new column from Rev. Lisa Giroux who has lived in Lake County for more than a decade with her husband Jeff. Readers may recall the story from last August regarding the old Hitchin Post Motel which the couple purchased, and invited the Tibetan Monks to conduct a land blessing ceremony. You can read that story and watch the video HERE.

Rev. Lisa Giroux is a health and wellness coach and spiritual mentor. She is a clergy-person who owns Tiny Weddings, performing nuptials in a most intimate manner. She is a Reiki Master Teacher. She is also a Vlogger, having kicked off her very first “Healthy, Happy Home and Hearth” series this year. So on this first day of spring, it’s time to catch up and see what’s new with Rev. Lisa, who is now also a Leadville Today Contributor! Welcome!

This Energetic Life: Where Wisdom Meets Health

By Rev. Lisa Giroux

Rev. Lisa Giroux

Rev Lisa Giroux

It has been a while since we have gathered and I want to thank each of you who are coming along for the new series “This Energetic Life!” Where wisdom and health meet! Our health is the grandest measure of wealth!  How do you feel, and is “it” working. We are not all the same and to treat us that way is detrimental to the healing process. You are the whole package: Body Mind and Spirit.

The Power to Heal Begins Within. Lately, I have seen and heard a barrage of horror stories of botched procedures, over medication and outrageous pharmacological cautions about reactions to the medicines, tests, and procedures prescribed. Have you read the insert to your medication? Have you looked at the vaccine package and carefully read ALL the ingredients? Look at the fine print! Maybe it is time to ask your doctor about the truth of Allopathic. The power to heal begins within.

Remember the old saying “take two aspirin and call me in the morning?” That was the advice many doctors gave their patients long ago and most of the time everything was better in the morning. 
That type of care is long gone and has been replaced by the Allopathic model of prescribe, cut, poison and radiate. I am here to remind you that your body is self healing and self regulating and is brilliantly designed. When we give our self what we need, when we need it, health is easy!

What Else is Happening around the Studio?

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Rev. Lisa Giroux, Clergy and Reiki Master Teacher lives just outside of Leadville in Lake County. She may be reached at PO Box 1257, Leadville, CO 80461 or online at her website, or via email: lisa@lisagiroux.com. Readers may also sign up for her newsletter HERE.

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