Leadville News – April 20

It’s 4-20 in Leadville, Celebrate with A Pot Pop Quiz

by Brennan Ruegg, Leadville Today contributor

April 20 has arrived and stoners round the world observe their holiday referred to as 4-20. Recreational marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado for five years already, medicinal for 17 years. What remains a Schedule 1 Substance in other states, has become Colorado’s latest boom, with images of pot leaves on the street and on signs. The change has come swiftly and where law-abiding Americans had previously to book a trip to Amsterdam to get a puff, they now flood into this state for the experience.

With the growth of the industry has come the coining of a host of new cannabis terminology (as if there wasn’t enough already) which can sometimes sound like a new language altogether. In honor of Mary Jane’s unofficial Birthday, here’s a pot pop quiz to test your 4-20 vocab:

Pot Quiz

answerkey click

If more than half of these words were foreign to your vocabulary, then hit up one of Leadville’s dispensaries and talk to a bud-tender. For the best product and widest selection hit up Roots Rx at 145 Front Street (just past the curve at the south end of historic Harrison Avenue) with the big green cross on it. They sell a wide variety of in-house strains and edibles, and have friendly staff. Working at a pot shop, who wouldn’t be friendly?

Brennan Ruegg prefers the spliff.


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