Leadville News – May 1

Convention Center Sold to Pb Brewing

The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum (NMHFM) announced on Monday, April 30, the sale of its Convention Center and surrounding property to Periodic Brewing (Pb). Periodic Brewing plans to repurpose the building to permit expansion of its brewing and bottling operations.  

Pb is a Leadville based beer brewery that opened in the fall of 2015.  Since then, it has expanded from its original brewery-taproom location on E. 7th Street to open a satellite operation on Harrison Avenue in Leadville and production facility in Northglenn.Periodic Brewing logo

In addition to expanded brewing and bottling operations, the facility will eventually include a taproom and space for events. Short term plans will be to move some brewing operations immediately to the new facility and make space for an expansion of the kitchen facilities at the Leadville brewpub. Pb will also kick off a barrel aging program in the new facility which will lead to greatly expanded availability of their award-winning barrel-aged beers.

The NMHFM’s Convention Center was housed in the former Lake County School District gymnasium, which was built in 1968. After it opened, it was a popular venue for graduations, proms, wedding receptions, and other large community events. It closed in 2015 after its heating system failed. Since then the building has remained unused, except for storage.

“This sale will help boost the economy of Leadville and Lake County because Pb’s expansion means more income for the brewery and more jobs for the community,” commented NMHFM Executive Director Stephen Whittington. “In addition, the property will enter the tax rolls for the first time in many years.”

Mining Musuem Convention Center

The former Mining Museum’s Convention Center which is pictured in the foreground is now the new home to Periodic Brewing’s new brewing and bottling operations.

Periodic Brewing’s Chief Fermentologist Chris Labbe commented, “We are very excited to lock down the future of Periodic Brewing in Leadville. With the Northglenn expansion we have been able to increase our production volume to help develop distribution in Leadville and the surrounding areas. However, our long term strategic vision has always been to build a production brewery in Leadville and create a home for sales, distribution and service professionals in our town. We want to thank the NMHFM for working with us patiently during this project. They have remained committed to ensuring this facility would go to someone with a strong plan for bringing it back to life and take on a renewed purpose.”

The NMHFM web site at www.mininghallofame.org provides additional information about the museum and its facilities.  The Periodic Brewing website is http://www.periodicbrewing.com/.

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