Leadville News – May 7

Where the Jobs are in Leadville Today

As the seasons slowly shift towards the warmer weather months, local businesses, as well as the public sector are finding a labor shortage in Leadville Today. Even during the traditional shoulder season when businesses usually experience a lull between the winter ski season and the summer rafting and racing season, “help wanted” signs are prevalent.

Painter Worker Employee Labor

From skilled laborers to dedicated service workers, Lake County is experiencing a shortage of employees as it heads into the busy season.

It’s certainly an employee’s market, forcing many local entrepreneurs to get creative or to alter their summer strategies and hours as a result. So if you’re looking to make a go of it in America’s highest city, you’d better have a good business plan, lots of relatives obligated to pitch in during the busy season, and solid advice from someone who has actually owned and operated a successful business in Leadville Today.

Of course, if you’re a person looking for work, you should have no problem finding a job. Your issue will be affordable housing, a topic that local politicians have pontificated about for years. Unfortunately, those efforts have fallen about as short as the workforce housing available in Lake County.  

But if you are one of the lucky laborers that has secured housing, and are looking to be gainfully employed, here is some good news about upcoming workshops and programs available in May to expand your job opportunities.

Tomorrow Tuesday, May 8 at 2 p.m.,  the Leadville Colorado Workforce Center is offering its next workshop designed to help job seekers  with a “Interview Refresher ” program that puts applicants at the top of the HIRE list. Take advantage of this opportunity to brush up on your interview skills. And it’s FREE! 

The “Tuesdays at 2 p.m.” series continues on May 15 with “LinkedIn.” Learn what it takes to get your account set up and noticed on this world-wide, job-seeking platform. Then it’s “Soft Skills” on May 22, with the series wrapping up its monthly series with “Job Search Strategies” on May 29. Not every small rural community has this FREE service right in town, so take advantage of it. You can participate from your smart device, PC or in person at one of the Workforce Centers. The Lake County Public Library also offers a WORKFORCE LAPTOP for persons looking for employment or filing for unemployment. This system is dedicated to help job seekers. 

For workshop attendees, you need to register and can do so ONLINE or contact the Leadville Workforce Center at Sue.Miller@state.co.us or by calling (719) 486-2428. Increase your skill set, put your best foot forward, and get that great job that’s waiting just for you!

Jobs Report from State: “Unchanged”

The following is the official jobs report as published by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, released in April 2018.

Employers in Colorado added 5,400 nonfarm payroll jobs from February to March for a total of 2,707,800 jobs, according to the survey of business establishments. Private sector payroll jobs increased 4,300 and government increased 1,100.

According to the survey of households, the unemployment rate was unchanged from February to March at 3.0 percent. The number of people actively participating in the labor force increased 7,400 over the month to 3,049,300 and the number of people reporting themselves as employed increased 9,200 to 2,958,700, causing the number of unemployed to decrease 1,900. However, due to rounding, the unemployment rate was unchanged from February at 3.0 percent. The U.S. unemployment rate was also unchanged in March at 4.1 percent.

Over the year, the average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls increased from 32.9 to 33.4 hours and average hourly earnings increased from $27.26 to $28.38.

The largest over the month private sector job gains were in trade, transportation, and utilities. There were no significant private sector over the month declines.

march Cody Jump

Coast-to-Coast, teachers are protesting for better wages and improved working conditions. On April 27, it was Colorado’s turn to march at the State Capitol and Leadville teachers joined them. Pictured here, is Cody Jump a teacher in the Lake County School District which has several job openings – including the Intermediate school principal – as the school year comes to a close.

Over the year, nonfarm payroll jobs increased 62,200, with an increase of 58,200 in the private sector and an increase of 4,000 in government. The largest private sector job gains were in trade, transportation, and utilities, leisure and hospitality, and construction. There were no significant private sector over the year declines.

Over the year, the unemployment rate is up four-tenths of a percentage point from 2.6 percent. The number of Coloradans participating in the labor force increased 96,300, total employment increased 82,700 and the number of unemployed increased 13,600. The national unemployment rate declined from 4.5 percent in March 2017 to 4.1 percent in March 2018.


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