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Tenth Mountain Division Soldiers Honored

Tenth Mountain Division Memorial Day 2018_Leadville Today_1a

Wreaths are laid at the Tenth Mountain Division Monument by members from the Leadville Elks Lodge #236 during the Memorial Day commemoration held annually at Tennessee Pass near Leadville Today. VIEW MORE PHOTOS HERE

DA Brown Sees More Results on Two Leadville Cases

The following two news briefs were released on Thursday May 24, 2018 by the office of Bruce Brown, Colorado’s Fifth Judicial District Attorney, which includes Leadville and Lake County.

Manhattan Bar Brawl Sentencing 5 Years in Making

Santiago Martinez, 38, of Leadville, was sentenced last week to three years in the Department of Corrections (DOC) for his Probation Violation stemming from a 2013 assault of a victim, who continues to suffer lingering brain injury symptoms after Martinez beat him outside the Manhattan bar in Leadville.     

Santiago Martinez

 Defendant Martinez has been on probation since 2004 in Lake County for felony assault and theft, both Class 4 felonies and has continually failed to pay fines imposed from a 2009 case with a remaining balance of $11,839.   

The defendant’s long path to prison started when he was first granted probation in 2004.  He then violated probation in 2005 and was sentenced to Community Corrections, State level community-based treatment.  A Judge reconsidered that sentence in 2006 and defendant was re-granted probation.  In 2008, the defendant committed a felony assault and was again sentenced to probation.   After another probation violation in 2009 the defendant was regranted probation but continued to fail to pay fines and reoffend, culminating in the 2013 assault which left a man permanently injured.  

District Attorney Bruce Brown.

District Attorney Brown commented on this case stating, “How a scourge like defendant has been able to skirt accountability for so long is not a particularly flattering reflection on our criminal justice system. 

When you think of the old adage that “justice delayed is justice denied”, it is nightmare scenarios like this that come to mind.   We asked the Judge today to impose an eleven-year sentence because we feel the community needs a break from this one man crime wave.   While we always hope for the very best in treatment outcomes, Martinez has been a drain on society for a long, long time.” 

2nd Brother Charged in Shooting Incident   

Cody Reynolds, 26, of Leadville was arrested on a warrant Thursday, May 24 that issued the day before, two-weeks after his brother, TJ Reynolds, 19, was in Court for a May 3, 2018, shooting incident occurring in unincorporated Lake County involving a neighbor.  It is alleged that both brothers had an argument with the neighbor, left and then returned to the neighbor’s property.  There, a gun was drawn and discharged by Cody Reynolds at the neighbor who armed, returned fire, wounding Cody.  Cody Reynolds was taken to a Denver area hospital where he remained, recovering from a torso gunshot wound, until his release last week.  Defendant Cody Reynolds is charged with Attempted First Degree Murder (neighbor incident), and another Felony charge associated with a Jan. 10, 2018, incident where he was charged with 2nd Degree Assault on a Leadville Police Department Officer.         

Defendant TJ Reynolds’ next court appearance is May 29 at 11 a.m. and Cody Reynolds’ next court appearance is June 14 at 1:15 p.m., both in the Lake County Court.  The brothers remain in custody and today the Court set bond for Cody Reynolds in the amount of $250,000, mirroring that of his brother.   




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