Leadville News – June 26

Primary Pushes Reyes Candidacy Forward

sheriff primary 2018.jpgYes, there is a Colorado Primary Election being held in Leadville Today. But with so many ballot-casting options available, from mail-in to drop-offs, today’s actual election day does seem a bit different. And while the polls at the Lake County Courthouse will not see the same foot traffic as it has in past years, tonight’s tally will mean the end of the road for one candidates and the beginning of the home stretch to November for another.govote-copy-copy

 Tonight’s local political pundits will be keeping an eye on the race for Lake County Sheriff as that is the only race with Primary Election contenders.

There are two Democrat candidates for Sheriff: Amy Reyes and John Padget. The victor tonight still has a long road ahead until November, as well as a growing list of candidates. As of today, June 26, Lake  County Clerk and Recorder Patty Berger has confirmed the Lake County Sheriff candidates list as follows: Lake County Undersheriff Will Kirkland, Leadville Police Chief Robert Glenny, and Tony Medina has petitioned his candidacy onto the November ballot.  Of course anyone can still throw their hat into the ring up until July 12, for any of the following elected positions listed below, several of which are uncontested. You just have to get the proper paper work in by the deadline. In fact since Leadville Today’s last Election 2018 report, Lake County Coroner Shannon Kent (D) has a challenger in Larry Jack who has petitioned to be on the ballot in November.

Election_Grace Smith_Voting

Grace Smith Sodic makes democracy in Lake County easy to handle.

Lake County voters are simply on trend with the rest of the country, as the old two-party system slowly loses its footing, with younger, millennial voters ditching tradition and choosing leaders who will actually REPRESENT them instead of party or personal agendas. In addition, the political rules have changed as well, allowing unaffiliated voters to engage in the primary process. That’s because Colorado voters last year passed a ballot measure allowing those who choose not to join a political party to participate in the party primaries.

Stay tuned for the official election results from today’s primary race – Leadville Today will post the results as they come in. Good luck to all and may you conduct your campaigns and actions in a manner worthy of representing the fine residents of Leadville and Lake County!

Here’s where the ballot stand so far.

Lake County Treasurer

  • Padric Smith (D) – Incumbent

Lake County Assessor

  • Miguel Martinez (D) – Incumbent

Lake County Commissioner, District 1 

  • Kayla Marcella (D)
  • Whittney Smythe-Smith (R)

Lake County Clerk & Recorder

  • Patty Berger (unaffiliated) – Incumbent
  • Bethany Maher (D)

Lake County Sheriff

  • John Padgett (D)
  • William Kirkland (unaffiliated)
  • Robert Glenny (R)
  • Amy Reyes (D)
  • Tony Medina

Lake County Coroner

  • Shannon Kent (D) – Incumbent
  • Larry Jack

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