Leadville News – June 30

St. Vincent Hospital Releases Audit Info

A third party audit of St. Vincent General Hospital District (SVGHD) financials concluded that the yearend financial position had improved by roughly 1.4 million dollars, from -$596.877 in 2016 to $775,925 in 2017.Hospital

“The bottom line is that local people are using our hospital. We are truly thankful that more and more community members are seeking their healthcare here in Leadville and by doing so are contributing to the viability of their hometown hospital district,” commented CEO, Gary Campbell.

Additionally the district experienced a total margin increase of 14.7% in 2017. The district closed 2016 with a margin of -6.9% as contrasted to 7.8% in 2017.

Complementing the financial improvement, 2017 was a year of wins for SVGHD. Today St. Vincent Hospital offers essential core services which include 8 inpatient beds, ambulance (county-wide 911 response), emergency room, family medicine clinic, imaging, laboratory, physical therapy and visiting specialists.

Recent successes for SVGHD include:

  • System-wide facility improvements which sustain hospital operations
  • Growth as high as 200% in ancillary services  
  • Average door-to-provider time of 5 minutes in the E.R.  
  • Reopening an in-house business office and transitioning to a new electronic medical record system
  • Consistent patient satisfaction scores of 90% and above in the emergency room, inpatient unit, and clinic

Campbell stated, “We are ever mindful that our success directly relates to our patient’s experience at St. Vincent Hospital and St. Vincent Medical Clinic. Building on the foundation we created in 2017, we will continue to make advancements for our community, and patients.”

Ambulance St Vincent

Pictured with the recently acquired ambulance (L-R) are Paramedics, Jeremiah Grantham and Jonathan Burk. Photo: St. Vincent Hospital.

In the coming months St. Vincent General Hospital District board of directors and leadership will focus on decreasing debt, sustainable growth of medical services and assessment of a new hospital facility.

The 2017 audit is available for viewing at St. Vincent Hospital front desk or online at www.leadvillehospital.org.

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