Leadville News – July 10

Folk Art Family Highlighted on Friday

By Sue Jewell, Leadville Arts Coalition

The second in the 321 Fridays – Summer Artist series will be held this Friday, July 13 and feature The Moore Family Folk Art from Littleton, CO. Held at Harperrose Studios and presented in partnership with the Leadville Arts Coalition, join several members of this creative family as they demonstrate their bright, colorful, upcycled folk art techniques from 4-8 p.m. at 601 Harrison Avenue, in downtown Leadville.

The Moore Family Folk Art - Large Rainbow Fish

Come and brighten up your world this Friday by watching the Moore family demonstrate some of their techniques for creating bright, colorful, upcycled folk art from 4-8 p.m. at 601 Harrison Avenue, in downtown Leadville.

A family business: Alan Moore, the father, and daughters Isabella (17) and Emma (14) are the creators, and have worked creating unique artwork for six years.  Sons Aidan (12), Liam (10)  and Kian (7) are the master sorters.  They serve as studio helpers, in this family art business. Mom Lori takes care of business concerns, and of course, the family.

Essentially their art takes thousands of pieces.  At any given time the Moore studio in Littleton keeps 5000-6000 cans, and over 250,000 bottle caps.  All are sorted by color and/or distinguishing brands, and kept organized in bins and trays.  Most of the cans and caps are vintage, and Moore connects with can/cap sources all over the country. 

Influenced by Southern folk art in the Southeast, Moore began with the idea “to put something cool on the wall.  He took that spirit of recycling and started painting on recycled wood/metal.  Moving to the almost totally recycled art, Moore set a goal: “to keep a unique product.”  He looks out for old wood, by the side of the road, in dumpsters, or contractor’s junk wood.  “Really, I can’t just walk into the craft store to buy materials” he explained.  With the exception of nails, plywood backing, and hanging materials, the entire product is made from up cycled materials.

Self taught, Moore credits his high school art teacher as a major influence.

“My children are her art grandchildren.” A career construction manager, Moore says, “I love creating stuff.” He will come up with the designs, work on a pattern, and help the projects “keep that same look.” His kids get involved from start to finish, and have learned the power of entrepreneurship.  They help present art workshops in local high schools and various art venues.

Alan Moore Press Photo (2) - Breck by Eli Pace

The Leadville Arts Coalition’s 321 Fridays Summer Artist Series continues this Friday at Harperrose Studios featuring The Moore Family Folk Art from Littleton, CO. Pictured here is Dad Alan Moore. Photo: Sue Jewell/LAC

The Moore family has been invited for the second year to attend the Breckenridge Arts District residency, for a two week session. They will be teaching classes, and presenting their unique methods and new productions.  Their artwork is displayed in Colorado, West Virginia, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas.  In the Upper Arkansas Valley, their art is featured in Harperrose Studios in Leadville, and Sutty’s Downtown Records and Arts in Salida. For more information about this creative family, check their website at www.themoorefamilyfolkart.com.

As part of the 321 Fridays Summer Artist Series at Harperrose Studios, the Moore family: Alan, Emma, Isabella and perhaps Aidan will show how they create, by working on several small projects from 4-8 p.m.. Enjoy light refreshments on this second Friday in July: number 2 in the 321 series. The Leadville Arts Coalition plans to serve wine, with donations going to a future public arts project.



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