Leadville News – August 2

Artists: The Fabric of Leadville Today

By Sue Jewell, Leadville Arts Coalition

The 321 Friday Summer Artist Series wraps up tomorrow, Aug. 3 with featured artist: Marika Guthrie. Join the Leadville Arts Coalition and Harperrose Studios at 601 Harrison Avenue from 4 – 8 p.m. as Marika demonstrates her unique talents with textiles.

marika working red plaid

The 321 Friday Summer Artist Series wraps up this Friday, Aug. 3 with featured artist: Marika Guthrie. Photo: Leadville Arts Coalition.

“I love fabric” Marika gushes, “especially if I don’t have to sew it.”  In fact, all her work starts with fabric. She loves working with her hands, and each of her pieces uniquely captures a moment. 

“I want to create a mood that represents someone who has left ‘regular life’ and is heading out for an adventure or road trip.”  Guthrie sums up her art: “What I try to create is this ‘moment’ where you are really content and connected.”  She looks for “the serenity of the natural world, and focuses on one’s connection to it.”

Her creations look similar to fabric appliqué, but she uses a non-toxic glue of her own invention to hold the pieces in place. Guthrie uses donated vintage wood as a base for each textile creation, and then relies on her gigantic stash of colorful fabrics.  Essentially she is creatively cutting and layering until the piece evolves.  She uses acrylic paint to add the tiny details and finishing touches.

bear and stars_Artwork_LAC

“Bears and Stars” is one of Marika Guthrie’s creations from fabric. See her demonstrate her work this Friday, Aug. 3 at Harperrose Studios. Photo: Leadville Arts Coalition.

For the 321 Fridays event, Guthrie plans to have a mini series: Traveling by Moonlight, ready for sale.  Other larger pieces will be available as well. Marika is quick to point out that this event is a one time demonstration, not a workshop.  It’s a rare opportunity to see this creative artist at work.

A mother with three young children, Marika usually creates art after the kids are asleep, and she has some time to herself.  Passionate about her family, her art and her horse, Marika has embraced Leadville’s mountain life for ten years.

After refining her textile process for four years, her art has become her work.  Her pieces are for sale at Harperrose Studios and The Roastery in Buena Vista.  She also accepts commissions; “I like offering affordable pieces, and seeing my work on people’s walls.” Find out more about Marika Guthrie’s art on her website: www.thecontentedheart.com

A message from the Leadville Arts Coalition:

Since Friday, August 3 marks the official start day of Boom Days 2018, Harrison Avenue will be closed for the food and craft fair starting at 2 p.m..  Don’t let the detours keep you from stopping by, meeting Marika Guthrie, and enjoying a remarkable evening at Harperrose Studios.  Refreshments are available and the event is free.

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