Leadville News – August 15

TransRockies Run Brings Hundreds Thru Leadville

If it seems like the cyclists have been replaced by runners around these parts, it’s because they have! In Leadville Today, Wednesday, Aug. 15 and again on Thursday, the 12th Annual TransRockies Run will travel through Lake County.


Permit required: Tent City from the Annual Transrockies Run which passes through Lake County.

The TransRockies® Run is a “Running Camp for Big Kids,” with participants starting yesterday in Buena Vista, and wrapping up in Vicksburg. Then today, August 15 the event traverses from there to Twin Lakes. Once they arrive in the village, they will be transported to Leiter Baseball field in Leadville which will be turned into a “tent city” to accommodate the hundreds of runners and support crew. Thursday morning residents and commuters should note an increase in traffic, as the group will be traveling from downtown Leadville over Highway 24 north to Tennessee Pass and on to Nova Guides at Camp Hale for Thursday’s stage of the run.

The TransRockies Run touts itself as ‘a multi-day point-to-point trail running race which allows athletes to access and traverse wild and fantastic scenery, while building camaraderie, overcoming adversity and sharing a singular adventure.’


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