Leadville News – August 28

Raising Funds for Community Meals 

Just like back in its Pioneer days, there are still traveling minstrels who wander through this Old West town, like to hang their hats for a day or two, take in the scenery and put on a show. And that will always be welcome in Leadville Today, but when they’re up for raising some money for a good local cause, well those kinds of musicians are welcome back around these parts, any time!


The folk trio “$11 Supper” will be playing in Leadville on Wednesday, August 29 to benefit the Community Meals Program.

And so it goes for the Folk Trio, “$11 Supper,” who will be putting on a Leadville show tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 29 which will support the Community Meals Program at St. George Church.

According to the band’s Facebook Page, $11 Supper is Amanda Healan (bass, ukulele), Samantha K. Mills (guitar, mandolin) and Michelle Billingsley (guitar, mandolin) who started playing together at the Old Town School of Folk Music. The multi-instrument trio has been bringing their high energy, three-part harmony to Chicago since 2017. Their fresh originals and timeless covers appeal to the folk tradition while their Americana country roots bloom in a big city backdrop. The group’s innate playfulness, melodic style, and untamed spirit are reflected in each member.

Wednesday’s outdoor show will begin at 6 p.m. and take place at a private residence located at 850 Ash Street in Leadville. However, the show is open to the public with all donations supporting . . . One of the best things going on in Leadville is the St. George Community Meal Program. The dedication that Revs. Ali and George Lufkin, and their countless volunteers have shown over the years is quite palpable. Every week they make it happen!

Whether it’s feeding the hungry, playing host to the monthly visit from Food Bank of The Rockies, or simply creating a welcoming place where people from all walks, can gather around a table, an altar, or a stage, St. George Church is an integral part of the local community. The Community Meals program runs year-round. For those interested in helping, please call Ali at 719-486-4731. St George Church  is located at 200 W 4th Street in Leadville.

St George Ali Lufkin

Rev. Ali Lufkin invites Leadville residents and visitors to the Thanksgiving Community Meal at St. George. Photo: Brennan Ruegg/Leadville Today


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