Leadville News – August 31

A Tribute to Harrison Ave. in Leadville Today

Meet Leadville artist Justine Waggett. She’s the painter behind Leadville’s newest mural to grace the downtown business corridor. This tribute to Leadville’s “Harrison Avenue” was recently completed at Bob Zaitz Park located between 6th and 7th Streets on the city’s main drag, Harrison Avenue!

In this Leadville Today video, Waggett discusses her inspiration behind the design and how she created it to ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

About the Artist

Waggett moved to Colorado from Vermont six years ago and found her way to America’s highest city in 2014 where she was been able to find a job and a place to live with good efforts, most presently employed as a bartender at the historic Silver Dollar Saloon.

“I think a hidden part of me always wanted to live in an Old West town,” Waggett said in an interview with Leadville Today, sharing her deepening love for the city which now displays her talents as well.

 “Growing up I was always drawing,” recalls Waggett, professing her affection for Disney® characters in her early artist years. But that whimsical passion of childhood developed into a calling when Waggett secured her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Northern Vermont University – Johnson State College. Today, reaching far beyond the “Little Mermaid” sketches on school notebooks, Waggett’s portfolio includes a full range of arts experience, in many mediums, from sculpture and welding, to painting and drawing.

In fact, the “Harrison Avenue” mural isn’t her first piece located downtown. The first, known as “The Fairies” is a bit more obscure. Do you know where it is?

To find the answers to that and other questions, or to employ her services, this Leadville artist can be reached at justinewaggettfinearts@gmail.com or connect with her on Facebook/Justine.Waggett. 


“I’ll work my ass off to live in Leadville.” Sounds like a keeper! A close-up of Justine Waggett’s recently installed “Leadville Harrison Avenue” mural can be seen at Bob Zaitz Park in downtown Leadville, Colorado. Photo: Leadville Today.



Since 2012, the local community has made a conerted effort to bring more artwork to the downtown area, creating giant canvases for artists to display their work. In addition these pieces of art create a pleasing environment for residents and visitors. So the next time your downtown, be sue to stop in the park and take in the latest mural installe din Leadvilel Today! 

If you appreciate Justine’s fine artwork and want to employ her services, she may be reached at justinewaggettfinearts@gmail.com or conenct with her on Facebook/Justine waggett.

Interested in learningmore about other Leadvilel murals. Here are some links to some Mrual stories for the Leadville Today Archives. 



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