Leadville News – September 5

Recreation Round-Up in Leadville Today

As the seasons slowly shift from summer to fall, there’s still plenty of recreation news to cover in Leadville Today. So here’s the latest round-up report when it comes to people who are moving and grooving in North America’s Highest City!


Bright fall colors under hazy skies greeted a runner along Leadville’s Mineral Belt Trail on Wednesday afternoon. Lake County will likely see a drop in temperature this weekend, as scattered showers are in the afternoon forecasts. Perhaps they will clear out the smoke in the skies from several fire on the west coast. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell.

High School Cycling In Leadville on  Sunday

The Colorado High School Cycling League’s Cloud City Challenge will be held in Leadville next Sunday, Sept. 9. Hosted by the Leadville Racing high school cycling team, the event will be staged up at the Colorado Mountain College trails.

Since it’s inception in 2009, the league has grow significantly. September’s Leadville challenge will bring hundreds of competitors, crew and family to town. 

Leadville Racing Team Photo: Left to right.
Mychaela Garza,Michaelah Main, Matt Koch, and Sephanie Reveles. Not pictured Jackson Hanson

Cloud City Challenge organizers could use some extra volunteers for this Sunday’s race which would  demonstrate Leadville’s commitment to hosting this event that brings in student athletes and their families from around the state.

While the Leadville Racing Team is comprised of student athletes from Lake County High School, the team is not officially part of the school district’s athletic department and therefore relies solely on outside donations, and contributions of time and resources. While the economic benefit is palpable, the event doesn’t happen without the muscle and time of volunteers. If you’re interested in supporting the team, with time or money, you can also contact the team coaches at stacyreesekelly@live.com.

 “We invite all locals to come out and cheer on not only the local team, but all the teams competing,” stated Coach Stacy Kelly who manages the team with her husband Bruce.

Tai Chi Classes Continue in Leadville

If you live in Leadville Today and are looking for an activity that moves at a slower pace, but provides many health benefits, then consider signing up for Elaine Waters Tai Chi classes. Once a month she offers a day-long series, the next one coming up on September 15 which will include Swimming Dragon Chi Kung, Push Hands, Tai Chi Sword Form and more. In addition her weekly Tai Chi classes continue on Thursday evenings from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. at St. George church.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi  Classes with Elaine Waters  at St. Georges Church located at 200 W 4th Street.

Learn the art and movement of Tai Chi in a relaxed and supportive environment, from a longtime, local instructor. Tai Chi is both a moving meditation, as a well as a sophisticated martial art. 

  • Tai Chi  practice cultivates  awareness, and the wisdom of the senses, thereby developing the mind-body connection.
  • Tai Chi practice  calms the temper, and clears the mind. 
  • Tai Chi postures flow together with a  rhythm  that has  a lubricating effect on the body joints.

For more information, connect at Elaine Water’s website.



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