Leadville News – September 26

Student Career Fair Celebrates 20 Years

“Over the 20 years, our committee has brought back many graduates to share their successes with the students,” said Carol Glenn, Career Fair Chairperson, noting the event’s Platinum Anniversary this fall. And it’s that “full circle” effect that makes this program a win for students, and also a favorite for the businesses that participate.

So congratulations on two decades to the Lake County High School/Leadville Lions Career Fair! Scheduled for two weeks from tomorrow on Wednesday, Oct. 10 over 500 students will get a chance to talk with invited professionals from a wide array of occupations. Many of those graduates go on to see great accomplishments in their  fields of study only to return as a presenter at a future fair. 

And the committee is still accepting presenters, so if you have a special professional talent or particular business that you’ve created that when shared with a high school student could shape the path and direction of their career path, then consider becoming involved in one of the Lake County School District’s oldest, and most successful traditions!!

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The Leadville Lions Club Annual Career Fair at Lake County High School: This annual spring event has been moved to October 11, 2017.

“From the beginning we wanted to reach all students in Lake County,” said Leadville Lion Carol Glenn, who is Chairperson of the Career Fair.  “The earlier we can expose students to career opportunities the better prepared they will be.” 

Students from Leadville as well as neighboring counties, can choose from among the six Colorado Career Cluster Model pathways: 1) Agricultural & Natural Resources, 2) STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology, 3) Skilled Trades & Technical Sciences, 4) Health Sciences & Public Safety, 5) Hospitality, Human Services & Education, 6) Business & Public Administration. 

This format allows students to spend approximately 50 minutes in their areas of interest where they can interact with a variety of presenters and get a chance to ask questions. Over 100 presenters are expected to attend. And that’s what makes the Career Fair one of the best community events in Leadville Today. It’s the great exchange!

“We believe that students from smaller schools need to recognize all that they can accomplish,” concluded Glenn. For more information, please contact the Career Fair Chairman, Carol Glenn at 719-486-1409.

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Career Fair Chairperson Carol Glenn (left ) and volunteer Amy Tait (right) take a moment to pose for the camera at last year’s event. Photo: Leadville Today

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