Leadville News – October 2

Political Round-Up Report, Part One

Five weeks from today, for those of you who are counting, either way! Yes, today marks another week closer to Election Day: Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Of course, there’s early voting, mail-in ballots and good old-fashioned day-of-election voting. But no matter how you do it, just be sure you voice is heard and cast your ballot.

Today is Political Round-up Report, Part One for Leadville Today. Last week was Candidate’s Night and LT was there to record the event so that voters who were not able to attend would have an opportunity to become familiar with their local and state candidates, as well as ballot initiatives. Thanks to the Leadville/Lake County Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the event and Bob Hartzell for moderating the evening’s forum.

Today the focus will be on state candidates and ballot measures. Starting in State Senate District 5, the following video offers introductions as well as some audience questions for the two candidates: Kerry Donovan and Olen Lund.

Next up is State Representative for House District 61. This is the seat which will be vacated by Millie Hamner due to term limits. The two candidates – Mike Mason and Julie McCluskie – provide an introduction and answer some questions in this Leadville Today video.  

While there are several ballot measures and amendments on the 2018 Lake County Ballot, only two of those had proponent representatives at the Meet The Candidates evening’s forum. First up, was Colorado Mountain College – Leadville, Dean of Student Affairs Skip Lee spoke on behalf of Ballot Initiative 7 D.

In the following video, Jeff Fiedler of Leadville speaks on behalf of Amendment 73 which addresses funding for public schools in Colorado.  

The Leadville Today Political Round-up Report will continue tomorrow with Part Two covering the candidates for County Assessor, County Coroner, County Clerk and Recorder, and Lake County Commissioner, District One. Then on Thursday, Oct. 4 Part Three will be posted for the five candidates running for Lake County Sheriff.

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