Leadville News – October 3

Part Two: County Candidates – Political Round-Up

It’s Political Round-up Report, Part Two for Leadville Today. Last week was Candidate’s Night and LT was there to record the event so that voters who were not able to attend would have an opportunity to become familiar with their local and state candidates, as well as ballot initiatives. Thanks to the Leadville/Lake County Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the event and Bob Hartzell for moderating the evening’s forum.

Today the focus will be on local county candidates. Here are more highlights from the forum presenting the local candidates for County Assessor, County Coroner, County Clerk and Recorder, County Commissioner, District One, as well as a from unopposed and incumbent Lake County treasurer Padric Smith. Thanks to the Leadville Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the event and Bob Hartzell for moderating the evening’s forum.

Starting with the Lake County Assessor, the following video offers more contention than introduction from the two candidates: Alan Ainsworth and Miguel Martinez. It’s important to note that both candidates worked in the Assessor’s office together under former Lake County Assessor Howard Tritz who held the position for decades. In this exchange Ainsworth levels the accusations against incumbent Assessor Martinez, inviting voters to access more details at his website theviewfromthemountain.com.  In the video, Martinez responds to the comments, providing documents to back up his defense of the allegations. Here’s their exchange from Candidate’s Night. 

Next up is Lake County Coroner. Perhaps Moderator Bob Hartzell said it best, “For me this is kind of a landmark case. I’ve never seen a Lake County Coroner race before.” There are two candidates: Incumbent Shannon Kent and challenger Larry Jack.

To that end, in order to be as fair and balanced as possible, Leadville Today will post Candidate Jack’s video presentation from last week’s forum first, followed by Kent’s speech from the Lake County Democratic Caucus held last March 2018. 

Incumbent Coroner Shannon Kent’s speech.    

The Lake County Clerk and Recorder office has two candidates: Incumbent Patty Berger and challenger Bethany Maher. The following video includes candidates’ introductions and a brief question and answer session with Moderator Bob Hartzell.

And in this video from Candidate’s Night, Lake County Commissioner, District One candidates Kayla Marcella and Whitney Smythe-Smith provide introductions as well as answers to 5 questions presented from the audience. 

And finally, while Incumbent and unopposed Candidate for Lake County Treasurer Padric Smith choose not to speak at the Candidate’s Night, Leadville Today provides his speech from the Lake County Democratic Caucus. It’s important for voters to know their elected officials.

The Leadville Today Political Round-up Report will continue tomorrow with Part Three covering the five candidates running for Lake County Sheriff.

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