Leadville News – October 8

Early Winter Storm Blasts Leadville

It was a hard turn of the seasonal page in Lake County this morning, as residents woke up to more than an inch of snow on the ground in Leadville Today. And there’s more to come this week.

According to weather officials, a strong system will be camped out in the high country for most of the week, leaving behind more than just a trace of snow, as might traditionally be the case for an early October storm at 10,2300 feet. When all is said and done, there could be several inches of snow in town by then end of this week.

Today, the early-day fog could produce a visibility issue for Monday commuters, but that should lift by 9 a.m. this morning. Leadville could see another 1 -3 inches of snow today with an 80% chance of precipitation. This weather system is not predicted to move out of the region until sometime next weekend.

It’s time to dig out those winter jackets and snow shovels. Looks like it was a short fall season, with early snow that is likely to stay around in some places until next spring! Welcome back Old Man Winter!


Clouds started building early Sunday morning as an early October snow system has moved into the high country and will stay put for the week, according to forecasters. Leadville saw 1 – 3 inches of snow in town overnight leaving Monday morning commuters with a different season to contend with on their way to work over-the-hill. Stay safe! . Photo: Leadville Today


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