Leadville News – October 11

More Snow On The Way In Leadville Today

Saturday Night Concert Benefits Old Church

Leadville’s church steeples are spectacular! There is the Annunciation Church steeple which towers above the holy place where Baby Doe Tabor had her funeral, and where the Unsinkable Molly Brown said her wedding vows, located at E. 7th and Poplar Streets.

There’s the steeple on the west side of Leadville Today which belongs to St. Joseph Church down on West 2nd Street. Each morning from this holy steeple tolls the bell for Leadville’s faithful to gather for daily Mass.

And of course for Leadville’s historic Harrison Avenue, the church steeple that always steals the show belongs to The Old Church. And this Saturday night, October 13 the public is invited to a special concert which will benefit the continued renovation efforts of this iconic downtown gem. 

Join Leadville’s musical muses, more familiarly known as Celesta, Donna Schaefer, and Scott Carroll as they share their favorite musical theatre pieces with YOU.  The evening will feature some old familiar favorites, as well as some more recent musical theatre numbers. Some audience participation will be an option! The entertainment starts at 7:30 p.m. and is sure to provide over two hours of some hand-clapping, finger-snapping tunes, sure to make you sit-up-in-your-seat!

The Old Church Leadville ColoradoTickets are ten bucks at the door with all proceeds benefiting The Lake County Civic Center Association, which owns and maintains The Old Church, located at 801 Harrison Avenue.

Come and experience great entertainment in this great venue. It’s a Leadville Saturday Night!

Career Fair 2018_6

Leadville’s Harperrose Studios Gallery & Goods owner Ann Staneck talks with a student at the 20th Annual Career Fair at Lake County High School in Leadville on October 10, 2018. In the background, other students add their special touches to a community art piece which was created during the annual event which provides an opportunity for students to speak directly to working professionals in a field they have an interest in pursuing as a career path. The successful program now draws in hundreds of students from neighboring Buena Vista, Salida, and Fairplay and is sponsored by the Leadville Lions Club. Photo: Leadville Today.


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