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Latest News – June 24

Artsy News: Murals and Musings

New Mural Painting Sunday, Monday

This Sunday and Monday, June 25 & 26 the community is once again invited to become a part of the next mural creation at Leadville’s iconic Kiddie Korral.

The original “Under The Sea” Painted Corner Project was created at the corner of Poplar and E. 9th Street back in 2009, yet somehow it seems that it’s been on display longer than that. Readers may remember what a great community effort it was, with the art students from Lake County High School proudly signing their names next to their underwater creations, which they often re-visited during trips to the popular, well-used park.

Kiddie Korral_Blast_Preparation_Leadville Today

Crews from the Leadville Street Department power washed off the old mural wall at the Kiddie Korral in preparation for the new design to be installed by the Leadville Arts Coalition June 25 & 26. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell.

The new mural will be installed by the Leadville Arts Coalition (LAC) under the direction of Leadville artist and teacher Amanda Good, along with a host of volunteers. For a sample of other great mural installations, be sure to check out the the Courthouse Geologic Mosaic Mural and the Four Seasons Leadville Community Park Mural.

Below is a small snippet of the drawing provided by the LAC. The phrase “Do Something Awesome Today” qhich has been inscribed on the long wall (Poplar Street) and the word “Elevate” will be written on the short E. 9th Street side wall.

Kiddie Korral new Mural

The stars and planets will be taking center stage for the new Kiddie Korral mural design.

“Multi-colored planets and stars will fill in areas on the all dark background.  Text will also be multicolored…which we feel will really pop visually on the dark background,” explained LAC representative Marsha Carter.

If you want to become involved just show up, or if you wish to donate to the cause, please contact Amanda Good at agoodstuff@gmail.com.

KK flyer send

McHargue’s New Book Available July 1

Leadville resident, author and educator Laurel McHargue has completed her next literary endeavor, which will be available in paperback July 1, 2017. In this latest creation, Hunt for Red Meat: Love Stories, McHargue shares with readers how she hunted the “wily elk” with her husband in Colorado for three years.

McHargue_Hunt coverIn this latest book, she captures the humor, beauty, and challenges of their hunting experiences in a unique series of memoir-style essays. With photos, tips, and haiku poems, McHargue reveals how hunting with one’s partner can engender feelings of love.

Raised in a family of five girls, McHargue remembers creating a list of what she wanted to be when she grew up. “It included things like singing, dancing, drawing, being a mom, and working as a cashier—those big old noisy machines fascinated me. I didn’t even know what hunting was,” said McHargue.

Her husband suggested they apply for hunting tags several years ago, and McHargue had mixed feelings. “I knew I was a good shot from my Army days and more recent target practice at our local shooting range, and I believe in population control of herds, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about shooting an animal.”

When asked why she ultimately agreed, she said she loved new challenges and wanted to know she’d be able to take care of herself and her family “in the event of a zombie apocalypse.”

McHargue’s past publications have not mentioned zombies, but her novels have included YA fantasy, folklore, dark humor and “loosely fictionalized” accounts of real events. She has a goal of publishing in as many genres as possible.
“Don’t ask me what my favorite book is,” she said, “because I read all kinds. I suppose that’s why I want to write all kinds too; it’s another personal challenge. Don’t put me in specific genre box as an author. That would be too restrictive.”

When a friend suggested she compile her blog posts into a book a few years ago, McHargue liked the idea immediately, and when another friend recently suggested a stand-alone book with just hunting stories, she agreed. “I think it makes sense to have a series of shorter books about focused topics rather than one huge book about everything,” she said, “although even non-hunters will get a laugh out of this one.”

hunt 1 open ground McHargue

Author Laurel McHargue (right) shoots a pciture during a hunting adventure with her husband (left) Mike McHargue, also known around these parts as the Lake County Office of Emergency Manager.

As a bonus, McHargue includes an unusual account of her first time fishing for trout in the Gunnison River in Colorado with her husband and friends. “I could not make up a more unbelievable story,” she said. “I still can’t believe it happened.”
McHargue hopes to inspire “seasoned hunters as well as never-gonna-hunters, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, because this book is as much about relationships and the majesty of the outdoors as it is about hunting.”

She also wants to inspire other authors to try writing in different genres because she believes “life is about finding opportunities to grow, learn, and overcome challenges, and the only way to improve your confidence is to put it to the test . . . often.”

Laurel McHargueAbout the author: Laurel McHargue, a 1983 graduate of The United States Military Academy at West Point, was raised in Braintree, Massachusetts, but somehow found her way to the breathtaking elevation of Leadville, Colo. where she has taught and currently lives with her husband. She established the Leadville Literary League, a charitable nonprofit with a mission to support local literary endeavors and the arts. She blogs about life, real and imagined, at leadvillelaurel.com. Contact her for speaking engagements: Laurel@strackpress.com and find her publications on Amazon.

Latest News – June 23

Body Recovered From Lake Creek Friday

By Kathy Bedell © Leadville Today

**UPDATE** 6 a.m. * June 24  – The week ended in tragedy for a Twin Lakes family as the body of the missing 15-year old female was discovered in Lake Creek by a passerby who was walking the area. 

lake Creek

On Friday, June 23 Search and Rescue crews pulled the body of a missing 15-year-old female from a steep and fasting moving section of Lake Creek, located aboce Twin Lakes. Photo: Lake County Office of Emergency Management.

Emergency crew members returned to the scene with assistance from the Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue and Chaffee County’s Water Rescue team were able to remove the body from the water.  According to Lake County Public Information officer Betty Benson, the search has now has now formally concluded with the family having been notified, and no further action required. 

Friday’s search was conducted from about 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. along the banks of Lake Creek, then later the K-9 dog teams were used and they were able to narrow the focus to an area of about ½ mile.  Steep mountainous terrain in additional to rapidly flowing and ever changing water levels made the search and rescue efforts particularly challenging in this mission.

Coordinated efforts from a number of emergency departments from Lake County and neighboring counties allowed this mission to be a true team effort. So special thanks to all the men and women from these agencies who dedicate their time and resources to keep residents and visitors safe. Lake County Search & Rescue, Lake County Office of Emergency Management, Lake County Sheriff, Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue Department, Salida Search and Rescue, St. Vincent Hospital Ambulance Crew, Lake County Road and Bridge, Summit County Sheriff, Lake County Dispatch, Flight for Life, Chaffee County Swift Water Team and Summit County Water Rescue and several dog teams that were in Lake County for training also arrived on scene to help.

**Initial Report** 11 a.m. – June 23 – Lake County Search and Rescue (SAR) crews have set up an active Mobile Command Post off Highway 82 above Twin Lakes as the search continues for a missing 15-year-old female who fell into Lake Creek on the evening of Thursday, June 22.

Twin Lakes_Lake Creek Drowning_1

What is normally one of the most photographed spots along Highway 82 above Twin Lakes is now an active Command Post for active search and rescue effort for a 15-year-old who fell in Lake Creek on June 22. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell

According to Lake County Public Information Officer Betty Benson, at 9:15 p.m. last night a call came into Lake County Dispatch Center for a search and rescue request as the day’s light faded on Lake Creek, the scene of the incident.

A 15-year-old female resident of Twin Lakes was out taking pictures of Lake Creek with her father and boyfriend when she lost her footing and fell in to the creek. The situation quickly turned urgent as the steep terrain, combined with unusually high water levels from spring run off, had the victim swept around a sharp bend in the waterway and quickly out of sight of her companions, watching in horror from above.   

Twin Lakes_Lake Creek Drowning_4

Lake Creek runs from the top of Independence Pass into Twin Lakes, paralleling Highway 82. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell

“The creek has been running very high and rapidly,” explained Benson in an interview with Leadville Today. “Her father and boyfriend both saw the girl fall into the creek, but they were not able to reach her.”

Naturally, the two immediately began to look for the girl, but when their initial efforts proved futile and daylight was quickly fading in the canyon, someone was able to get to an area with cell service and put the call in for help.

When SAR crews reached the area it was dark, but they actively searched until after midnight, when efforts were eventually called off, with plans to re-engage with morning’s first light.

According to Benson, there are presently six agencies involved, with Lake County officials taking the lead in the mission. Local agencies include Lake County Search and Rescue, Lake County Office of Emergency Management, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Last night, the teams used drones to aide in aerial searches in the steep mountain terrain. Flight for Life also provided what assistance they could from the air. Another resource aiding in the mission is a team of cadaver dogs who were in Lake County this week for training and will now be engaged in an active search and rescue.

This morning, crews were divided up into teams, breaking their efforts into sections along Lake Creek to thoroughly search the water and banks for any sign of the local youth.  It’s a heart-breaking race against time as creek temperatures were reportedly hovering close to freezing last night, according to Benson and air temperatures dipped into the same range in the steep, canyon terrain.

Twin Lakes_Lake Creek Drowning_2

Lake County Search and Rescue efforts are getting some great assistance, including a special K-9 Unit who was already in the area for training.

According to Benson this young lady was from the Twin Lakes area, although no names will be released until the mission is complete and authorities have communicated with the family first.

“They live in the Twin Lakes area, it’s a local family,” stated Benson in an interview with Leadville Today. 

For readers unfamiliar with the area, Lake Creek is a water tributary that runs from the top of Independence Pass down into Twin Lakes, paralleling Highway 82. The area is popular with hikers and campers, with a number of campgrounds positioned along the waterway. However, with late spring run off and a healthy snow pack to draw from, water levels have been at near historic levels as the tourism season ramps up as well. In fact, for many regular, returning recreationalists, their favorite camp spots and hiking trails are seeing water in places they never have before. Map Lake Creek Mission_Twin Lakes_Leadville Today