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Leadville News – June 13

Worst Fears Ignited with Buffalo Fire

Buffalo Mountain_Wildfire_Leadville TodayWith upwards of 1400 residents still under evacuation orders this morning from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, residents in the Leadville’s neighboring county had their biggest fears ignited Tuesday afternoon when a wildfire broke out on the iconic Buffalo Mountain located just off I-70. Fortunately, as of Wednesday, June 13 there have been no reports of injury or death, and no structures have been lost. All hail the mighty firefighters and first responders! For the most up-to-the minute information, readers can access the Summit County Government’s Emergency Services Blog: HERE

Arts Coalition’s Summer Series Starts Friday

This knight-in-shining-armor sculpture stands watch over his fortress on Elm Street in Leadville Today. As the snow melts away, new pieces of art are appearing in yards

It’s hard to beat the natural beauty surrounding Leadville Today. With Colorado’s two highest peaks as its backdrop, and the headwaters of the Arkansas River providing the creative energy that flows through America’s highest city this time of year, the artistic magnificence provided by Mother Nature’s easel is unmatched.

But it’s exactly these scenic surroundings that provide the inspiration for many Leadville artists, whether it’s a painting, a recently installed mural or a new sculpture that appears with the spring thaw. There’s no doubt about it, Leadvillites are patrons of the arts. And the Leadville Arts Coalition’s 3-2-1 Fridays Summer Artist Series, demonstrates that affection by providing a vehicle for art-lovers to show their support of artisans through collective admiration, as well as fundraising. So be sure to put these dates on your summer calendar and then come,  join the fun!Leadville Arts Coalition Summer Art series.jpg

Wood-Working Kicks Off Summer Artist Series

When you think about it, moving to a remote mountain community like Leadville, must have been something during its Pioneer era. It wasn’t like you were moving to a place with a fully developed infrastructure, where you could easily get your hands on all the essentials of day. Those hardy pioneers had to be self-reliant, and that meant taking everything they needed with them. Or perhaps more importantly, taking  the tools they needed to make everything they needed.

They had to build their own houses, and the furniture to go in them. But when you look at the intricate gingerbread work on any grand Leadville Victorian, it’s easy to see that some of those builder’s talents went far beyond the trusses and timbers. They were also accomplished artisans when it came to creating something beautiful with the leftovers.

And it’s just the type of woody craftsmanship that art lovers can find at the kick-off event for the 3-2-1 Fridays – Summer Artist Series,  this Friday, June 15. The public is invited to join other patrons of the pulp as they gather at Harperrose Studios to celebrate artist Doc Dave Watson and his unique wood turnings.  An amazing wood worker, Doc Watson “loves making and fixing things.”  He picked up wood turning six years ago, after a friend introduced him to the art. His specialty includes segmented bowls that he turns and glues together in rings.  Each ring can take hours to put together, depending upon its intricacy. 

Doc Dave Watson_1

Doc Dave Watson shows his award winning wood turning at Harperrose Studios. He brought home a blue ribbon from the Florida Winter National Wood Art Expo. Photo: Leadville Arts Coalition.

An Air Force veteran and former family doctor, Watson and his wife spend their summers in Leadville, and their winters in Florida.  In Florida, he finds different discarded woods, such as mahogany and monkey pod. He just hauls it to his shop and starts creating.  Working with cabinet makers, Watson gets their scrap wood to add to his works’ unique looks.  

Two of Watson’s award-winning turnings are displayed at Harperrose Studios.  One is a first place bowl from the Florida Winter National Wood Art Expo, and the other is a Florida State Fair first place winner, a lidded bowl that features a finial on top.  Both works are unique in their detail and artistry.  

In addition to these award winners, Watson’s work includes more bowls, pepper grinders, vases, wine glasses, and wine stoppers.  One unique piece he has prepared for the show is a wall mesquite wood wall hanging with inlaid turquoise. Perhaps Watson will discover some native Leadville woods to add to his collection!

Relatively new to wood turning, Watson has been “making things” for years.  Among some of his accomplishments, he built a useable kayak, a Steen Skybolt aerobatic airplane and a Shelby Cobra. Always creative, he worked with metal sculpture and watercolor before he “wandered into wood turning.” 

Join Doc Dave Watson at Harperrose Studios to see him at work and learn more about his artistry.  Enjoy light refreshments on this third Friday in June: Number 3 in the 321 series.  The Leadville Arts Coalition plans to serve wine, with donations going to a future public arts project. Harperrose Studio is located at the corner of 6th Street and historic Harrison Avenue in downtown Leadville.

A whimsical pink bicycle beckons art lovers into Harperrose Studios, Gallery and Goods on 6th and Historic Harrison Avenue in downtown Leadville. Photo: Ann Stanek


Leadville News – November 19

Shopping: Holiday Fair & “Shop Small” Saturday

 As the calendar flips up to the week of Thanksgiving, thoughts turn to turkey and shopping! This past weekend however, saw slow returns for vendors at the Leadville Arts Coalition’s Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair. Leadville Today spoke to several vendors who mentioned that sales were not meeting expectations for an annual event that historically brings out the BIG crowds, resulting in some BIG bucks.

LAC_Holiday Fair 2017_15

Holiday Fair vendor and Leadville native Howard Tritz (center) sells his unique wood work at the annual arts and crafts event sponsored by the Leadville Arts Coalition. Many of the local artists’ wares will also be available in stores on historic Harrison Avenue, as Leadville celebrates its “Shop Small” program this Saturday, Nov. 25. Let the shopping begin in Leadville Today!

Now, there could be a couple of reasons for that. First, the event which kicked off , as usual, on Friday night, had the weather to contend with. The first real snow storm of the season moved through the mountains all day, and by nightfall, travelers saw nearly white-out conditions. For many commuters, once they finally made it home over icy and snow-packed mountain passes, they chose to stay there. While Saturday saw larger crowds, there were not near the numbers that the holiday fair has drawn in the past.

Secondly, many nearby communities were also hosting their holiday fairs on Saturday, including Buena Vista which usually sees shoppers coming to Leadville. But alas, there are only so many days packed into the holidays season, and no one has figured out a way to control Mother Nature, so if you missed out on scooping up some great wares made by local folks, take heart! You’ve got another chance, coming up this Saturday, Nov. 25. See story below for details.

LAC_Holiday Fair 2017_3

Tis the season for shopping and smiles as Grandma Tammie Ayers and grandson Luke Ayers (who was also celebrating his 5th birthday on Saturday, greeted shoppers at the Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, sponsored by the Leadville Arts Coalition (LAC). MORE PHOTOS.

“Shop Small” Next Saturday in Leadville

Fortunately, many of the goods sold from vendors at the LAC Holiday Fair last Saturday will also be available in Leadville shops on historic Harrison Avenue next Saturday, Nov. 25! So locals and visitors will have another chance to support local artists and craftspeople at the “Shop Small” event. Hosted by the Leadville/Lake County Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the City of Leadville’s local program to support businesses on Leadville’s main street,  the “Shop Small” event is intended to encourage shoppers to keep their dollars in town.

Shop Small“We will have a booth welcome station set up at the Visitor Center parking lot,” explains Leadville’s Administrative Services Manager Sarah Dallas.  “Shoppers can pick up tote bags and Shop Leadville SWAG, learn about business specials in the community, and get a passport to be entered to win a Leadville gift basket.” 

At the welcome station from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. visitors can pick up special shopping  “Passports,” which once stamped with the official requirements, will enter them into the BIG drawing. In order to qualify, according to Dallas, shoppers will have to show three gift shop or store purchases, as well as one food or beverage purchase.

The aim of the “Shop Small” program is to encourage locals and visitors to SHOP LEADVILLE and make it their destination for the holiday season. For more information, contact the chamber at 719-486-3900. For those wishing to participate this Saturday, The Visitor Center is located at 809 Harrison Avenue, across from Leadville City Hall.

Nov Snow 2017_20

Support your Leadville businesses on historic Harrison Avenue – and win prizes – this Saturday, Nov. 25 at the “Shop Small” event.