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Leadville News – December 12

Preparing Students for an Unforeseen Future


The Our Lady of Guadalupe annual Pilgrimage and dance ceremony were held in Leadville on Sunday, Dec. 10, followed by Mass at the historic Annunciation Church. MORE PHOTOS BY: Leadville Today/ Brennan Ruegg

By Joyce Rankin, 3rd Congressional District, State Board of Education

Joyce Rankin

Joyce Rankin

Road Trip: I attended the Summit on Education Reform in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeb Bush opened the conference and repeated a quote from the first conference in 2008: “The country’s school system is an 8-track in an iPod world. The irony is that we’re still an 8-track but the iPod is gone.”

Speakers and panelists from across the nation discussed directions education is taking and how our schools can prepare students for and ever changing future.

Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, spoke about school choice and the role of parents in selecting the best school for their children. She continues to be an advocate for school choice to advance opportunities for all children. Several sessions highlighted success stories from students and parents who had taken advantage of school choice in their communities.  At the conclusion Ms. DeVos stated “The rising generation represents 100 percent of our future; let’s give them nothing less than 100 percent of our effort.”

In a general session we heard about the importance of technology courses at all grade levels to prepare for future jobs that we can’t currently define.  Jeb Bush described it like a quarterback throwing to a receiver. “You don’t throw directly at the receiver, but where he will be when the ball is caught.” We must teach all students the basics of technology so that they can meet the changing needs of an unforeseen skillset of the future.

One speaker said there were over 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States. What will happen when we embrace driverless cars and trucks?  This was just one example of how jobs will experience change in the future. It’s important to prepare students to adapt to changes so that the economy thrives and our citizens lead satisfying lives.

Knights Coats 2

The Knights of Columbus from Holy Family Parish (pictured back row) in Leadville presented winter coats and other warm gear for the colder months to students at Lake County Intermediate School. Pictured front row (left to right): Aly Beery Teacher, StanLee Love, Nataly Trujillo Gallegos, Ashlee Ebuna, Riley Nacke

Colorado currently uses blended learning and online courses to enable students to learn skills that would otherwise be unavailable at their school.  An example is a student in middle school currently enrolled in an advanced Calculus course online. He is joined by three other students, in various grade levels, from other school districts across the state.  Technology is opening up many opportunities that weren’t available even two years ago. It is also moving so rapidly that we need to teach the basics of Computer Science beginning in Kindergarten. And yes, there are fun applications currently available, online, for Kindergarten students.  Future careers will depend on this knowledge combined with creativity and flexibility to adapt.

The Colorado Department of Education with community participation is reviewing the Colorado State Standards and adding new standards for Computer Science. We need to prepare future teachers by including Computer Science in all teacher preparation programs.

Moving from an “eight track system” will not be easy, however with “100 percent of our effort” we can give our students a chance for a successful future.

Joyce Rankin writes the monthly column, “Across the Street” to share with constituents in her district, which includes Leadville and Lake County.  The Department of Education, where the State Board of Education meets, is located across the street from the Capitol. She is also a Legislative Assistant for Representative Bob Rankin.

Leadville News – December 11

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Quilting, Sewing Programs in Leadville Today

It’s the time of year when handmade, handcrafted items take center stage for holiday gift-giving. So if you have wanted to spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time working with your hands, then consider joining the TQL (talk, quilt, laugh) Quilt Guild.

LAC_Holiday Fair 2017_2

Nancy Boeve, a member of the TQL Quilt Guild proudly stands in front of one of the group’s creations during the Arts & Crafts Fair. The group meets twice a month in Leadville.

“I first joined the group years ago when I was making a quilt for a new grandchild, explained Nancy Boeve during the recent Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair where the group had a booth. “I had never quilted before, so I was hesitant, and now I enjoy the creativity and company!”

The group meets once a month, on the second Wednesday (Dec. 13) at 9 a.m. They share quilting knowledge, exchange technique tips and enjoy each other’s company. A second meeting is also planned on the fourth Tuesday at 10 a.m. which is considered a work day for unfinished sewing projects.  Dues are $12 a year. The Quilt Guild meets at the Lake County Public Library in the AMEX Room, please use the back entrance.

Sew and Sew in Leadville

It’s no secret that the days of Home Economics class has been pushed aside for more technological studies, but that doesn’t mean you should throw that shirt out just because it’s lost a button. Therefore, if you still long for the days of mending instead of trashing, or want to teach your child or grandchild the value in learning to chain stitch or run the foot pedal on a Singer, then consider heading downtown, to one of historic Harrison Avenue’s newest businesses.

New Leaf Sewing supplies

New Leaf Studios in downtown Leadville offers everything from sewing supplies to sewing classes starting in January. Photo: New Leaf Studios Facebook Page.

New Leaf Studios is a community sewing center and fiber arts studio. They carry sewing and craft supplies, provide services, offer local sewists and craftspeople a showcase for their work and sell a variety of original hand-crafted gifts and accessories. So if you’re looking for anything and everything from alterations, to repairs and sewing lessons, or simply need a place to do your own sewing, New Leaf Studios is ready for your business.

New Leaf Studios is located at 420 Harrison Avenue in downtown Leadville. They may be reached by phone at 719-486-0907, connect with them on their Facebook Page, or visit their website.