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Leadville News – April 25

Celebrate National Golf Day in Leadville Today


Mt. Massive Golf Course: America’s Highest! Photo: Leadville Today/David Hahn

Fore! That four-letter word will join the other 4-lettered-word – GOLF – as swingers across America celebrate National Golf Day on April 25. And while you may not see anyone out on the links at Mt. Massive Golf Course in Leadville Today, the 2018 is just around the next spring snow storm, making those greens extra thick to sink that perfect hole-in-one. So if you’re lining up your summer fun for you, and your family, consider a season pass at Leadville’s local course. Did you know it’s America’s highest course at 10,152 feet? That alone will give those little balls an extra lift.

While golf clubs across the country have seen interest, along with membership numbers decline in recent years, Patrick Reed’s first victory at the 2018 Masters Tournament earlier this month has put some new wind in the sport’s sails.

And if that doesn’t keeping the sportscasters chatter humming, perhaps the announcement of the newly established Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship for the fairer sex on the fairways will keep the buzz about golf, going well into the summer season.


No doubt, the sport is shaking things up. So it seems like a good time to remind readers about seasonal memberships that Mount Massive Golf Course (MMGC) in Leadville offers.

Established in 1930s, MMGC offers an outdoor alternative for many active Lake County residents who spend a lot of time in the saddle or on the high mountain trails. At 10,152 feet, the nine-hole course is the highest in the nation, making that one more thing for golfers to cross off their bucket list! And the views can’t be beat, as Colorado’s two highest peaks – Mts. Elbert and Massive – loom high overhead from every tee.

In addition, this Lake County facility offers engaging youth programs from instructors who know the sport. It also acts as host to several charity golf tournament throughout the summer, raising monies for local non-profits organizations. So keep that in mind then considering purchasing a membership: your investment greens go far beyond the course’s green fees.

This nine-hole alpine course is Rocky Mountain golf at its finest. While carts are available, most swingers choose to think of it as a glorious walk in the woods while getting in an upper body workout along the way! The club house offers grill service for lunch and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. More details about hours of operation and an online store can be found on the MMGC website.

No word yet on opening day, but when you’re this high up, a lot depends on the weather! Until then why not celebrate National Golf Day with a membership. Juniors start as low as $100 for the entire season and there are some other great family and Senior rates as well.

Leadville News – April 24

Healthy Mind, Body and Budget

Let’s face it everyone could use a little help in dealing with this crazy world from time to time. So if you or someone you know, are in need of some new tools for taking on the challenges of life, there’s good news for readers who may need some extra tips and advice.

SolVista Health is offering a eight-week class focusing on stress management, nutrition, and finances and budgeting. The class will be held weekly on Wednesday afternoons at the Lake County Public Library. The good news is it’s FREE but you do have to sign up and can do so by calling 719-429-8611.

Participants can learn tips and skills for a healthy mind, body & budget.

Attendees will also receive.

  • A free pocket day-planner
  • Attend all eight classes and receive a $10 Safeway gift card.
  • Get budgeting tips on how to improve your finances.
  • Learn ways to reduce stress in your life and geta better night’s sleep.
  • Get tips on what food will improve you overall health and wellness.
  • Learn how to apply for a job and what resources are available to you in the local community.

For more information CLICK HERE or visit the SolVistahealth.org website.

Rodriguez to Walk for Mental Health

Leadville’s Kim Rodriquez will be participating in National Alliance on Mental Illness Walks on May 19 at Centennial Park, located in the Denver Area.

Kim Rodriquez

Rodriquez is on the board of the National Alliance on Mental Illness High Country affiliation based in Frisco. They work in partnership with MindSprings Health, FIRC and Building Hope and are committed volunteers and facilitators who care about families and individuals who are caregivers of loved ones and those suffering from mental illness.

Rodriquez will be walking to bring awareness to depression and youth suicide in Lake County.  In addition, Rodriquez wanted readers to know that the NAMI High Country Chapter has started education classes and family support groups in Leadville!

“I appreciate your support,” said Rodriquez asking readers to consider joining the walk or giving a donation, here is a link to her page. Her goal is $100 and she’s almost there – let’s help Kim reach her cross the finish line for mental health.