Latest News – June 27

Leadville Volunteer Honored as Muni-Hero

There’s nothing like an “on-fire” volunteer when it comes to helping people keep safe in their communities. So put your hands together for Phyllis Carnahan, Leadville’s “Muni-Hero!”

Phyllis Carnahan_Muni Hero Award_City Leadville_Chief Daily_Gov Hickenlooper

Muni-Hero Award winner Phyllis Carnahan (center) poses with Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue Chief Dan Dailey (right) and Governor John Hickenlooper (left) during the annual Colorado Municipal League luncheon. Photo: City of Leadville.

The Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue (LLCFR) and the City of Leadville announced yesterday that Carnahan was presented the 2017 Colorado Municipal League (CML) Muni-Hero award. Every year, the CML which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which provides services and resources to assist city officials in managing their governments, allows communities to nominate a Muni-Hero.

The goal of the Municipal Hero Award program is to acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated ongoing dedication to their cities or towns. These are individuals who have gone above-and-beyond to make their communities great places to live, work, and play. They are the “unsung” heroes who may not otherwise be acknowledged.

Carnahan was recognized for her outstanding dedication to the Leadville community at the CML’s annual conference luncheon held on June 22, 2017.

Phyllis Volunteering for LLCFR

Phyllis Carnahan has volunteered well over 240 hours a month for the Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue over the past several years. Thanks for your dedication! Photo: City of Leadville

Recognized for her dedication as a volunteer during her summer months in Leadville, every Tuesday and Thursday she works on operational bills, education, and prevention efforts.

However, this is not what Phyllis Carnahan is best known for. While the operational day-to-day work is much appreciated, and needed due to lack of administrative staff, it is her loving spirit and sense of pride for the fire service that the Leadville and Lake County community admires the most.

“Every day she steps through the doors, no matter her hardships, she has a smile on her face,” city officials stated. Carnahan has volunteered well over 240 hours a month the past several years.

In addition, Carnahan just doesn’t volunteer her time here. During the winter months, she resides and volunteers at the Golden Ranch Fire Protection District in Tucson, Ariz. She works in the Fire Prevention Division of that organization.

Carnahan passionately gives her time to see that the general public is safe and there is a connection with them and their fire department. The City of Leadville and LLCFR can’t express enough what a generous and outstanding individual Phyllis Carnahan is, and are elated that the Colorado Municipal League agrees!  Congratulations Phyllis, well-done!

Leadville Bartender, Friend Honored Wednesday

Tomorrow, June 28 there will be a Community Pot Luck and Music at The Scarlet Tavern in honor of Jordan Gausman. Wednesday’s event is being promoted as: “Leadvillites Opposing Violence Everywhere (L.O.V.E.) in loving memory of Jordan Gausman.”

Jordan_Gausman_Leadville Today_PhotoBedell

Leadville Bartender Jordan Gausman will be honored June 28. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell.

Readers may recall the story of the Leadville bartender who was fatally stabbed on May 3, 2016 during an altercation outside of a bar on historic Harrison Avenue. 

Guests are invited to join Jordan’s family and friends at the Scarlet for a remembrance ceremony which will begin at 6 p.m. Attendees are encourage to arrive between 5 – 5:45 p.m.  A community pot-luck dinner and music will follow. Please bring a dish to pass, instruments, good friends and good vibes.

All monetary donations, per the request of Jordan’s family, should be made directly to: The Advocates of Lake County, memo: LOVE, P.O. Box 325, Leadville, CO 80461. There will also be a donation table at the event.

Questions? Call Stephanie 970-485-5593

Latest News – June 26

Early College Approved for High School 

Earlier this month at the June 14 Colorado State Board of Education meeting, state officials approved the Lake County School District’s (LCSD) application to begin an early college at Lake County High School (LCHS).  

Lake County High School

Early College approval for Leadville high school brings more options to the table for local students and parents’ school choice. Photo: Leadville Today.

“We have been working hard over the past few years to ensure that a greater number of LCHS students have access to concurrent enrollment at Colorado Mountain College (CMC),” stated School Superintendent Dr. Wendy Wyman. 

And so another carrot is added to the school choice plate. There’s no doubt for Leadville high school students, the opportunity to graduate with a h.s. diploma as well as an associate degree is highly attractive, both financially and academically. On average, tuition for public two-year colleges costs $3,000/year, which doesn’t include room and board. Calculate the final price tag and the pot is sweetened significantly for students choosing to stay local and graduate from high school in Leadville.

For readers unfamiliar with the early college program, Leadville Today reached out to State Board of Education, Third Congressional District Representative Joyce Rankin for details. She provided the following statute:

Per §22-35-103(10)(g), the State Board can designate a secondary school as an early college.  Early colleges as designated by §22-35-103(10) means a secondary school that provides only a curriculum that is designed in a manner that ensures that a student who successfully completes the curriculum will have completed either an associate’s degree or sixty credits toward the completion of a postsecondary credential.


Lake County High School has partnered with Colorado Mountain College to provide Early College, adding one more carrot to the school choice plate. Go Panthers! Photo: Leadville Today/Wayne Thomas.

“We have already had a number of students earn their associate degrees while also earning their high school diploma,” explained Wyman. 

So how does it work? The early college will support 11th and/or 12th grade students who are interested in pursuing their associate degree along with their high school diploma.  The program is aligned with our updated graduation requirements and will continue to increase access to higher education.  

According to Dr. Wyman, the new LCSD graduation requirements are built on three components:

  1. Each student will create an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP);
  2. Students will participate in a core sequence of courses in 9th and 10th grades; and
  3. Students will have ample time for ICAP-driven courses, college coursework and career exploration in 11th and 12th grades.

The Early College will be housed at the LCHS campus. Students who are enrolled will graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree or 60 hours of college coursework.  Combine that with the impressive list of scholarships that is distributed at Class Day every May ($437,000 in 2017) and the school choice plate just got a whole lot more colorful with all those delicious orange carrots of higher education stacked up, waiting for Back To School, which is only weeks away! Enjoy the rest of your summer until then!